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What happed to the kid/man at the jakes?

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Should he have pulled the trigger when he had the chance?

Why did he hesitate then?

After everything he had been through?

Johnny Unusual:
...what are you talking about?

I would say account hack, but based on earlier posts, this isn't anything new.  Not to worry, I don't know what's going on either.  ;)

I didn't know Billy Kidman ever had a chance to shoot Jake the Snake Roberts, but if you say so.

You've never read the book?

He has a chance to kill the judge,
as kid,
but doesn't

And then he meets the judge again by "chance" as a man,
and is unafraid

And then he makes love to a woman,
before he has to take a pee

And the judge embraces him in the Jakes
And then the judge dances in nude glory

I didn't actually read the actual book,
but the audiobook is really good!
The one that I "read" he does really good voices and fleshes it out


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