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This thread is designed to discuss anything about the connected Marvel Universe that is on film.  This includes all of what Kevin Feige has a hand in, and much of what Jeph Loeb has a hand in.
   NOTE: blue sentences or phrases are links to posts or articles discussing that issue.

I created a massive list of all the connected MCU properties released thus far, with the basic interactions between them.  It also includes all known future releases through 2022, with release dates or in anticipated release order for those confirmed MCU entries not yet having exact dates.  (It is the second post following this one.)

[Two practical MCU lists I created are here: a chart of the mid- and end-credit scenes on the assorted home video releases of the MCU films, and the 3D Blu-rays that have the exclusive IMAX scenes in the expanded ratio on them (no 2D versions of these films have the IMAX expanded screen ratio).  (That's the third post following this one.)  With the credit scene checklist, you will know when to stop when visual searching through end credits if you want to watch those credit scenes each time you see the film.  With the 3D/'IMAX scene' list, you will know when to preferentially watch the 3D version of MCU films.]

In this thread we can discuss film content, TV content, shorts content, interactions between them, apparent contradictions within or between them (for which you might get a 'No-Prize' ;) ), etc.  That includes all the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, the shorts on their discs, as well as all the MCU 'Marvel's ____' TV series Loeb oversees. 

For what characters are covered by this thread, this may help [images by The Geek Twins, both pictures link to the page they are from].  Anything in the red or overlap areas is open for discussion now. 

[Update Dec 14, 2017:] Disney has acquired 20th Century Fox.  Once the Disney/20th C Fox merger is complete (12-18 months from Dec 2017, apparently), Marvel rights will include everything in the blue area of the above image as well, as long as that new product has been verified as being MCU by Feige. :)  When that happens, what can be discussed here would be everything in the below image except the pink [outer Sony] and light orange [outer Universal]:

[Image is huge.  Right-click and select "View Image", or save to hard drive for a better view.]

To be considerate of others, since many can't see films in theaters, until films are out on home video (Blu-ray, DVD), spoilers are required for images or the discussion of plot points here.  Please briefly label the spoiler (e.g. "episode/film plot point", "future events", "surprise character reveal", etc.).  Since different people find different things 'spoilery', unlabeled spoilers are useless because one has to open and view the contents to see if it was the kind of spoiler one avoids.  For broadcast shows (i.e. Agents of SHIELD), spoilers should be present for at least two days after air date, so people have at least some chance to watch their time-shifted copy before being spoiled.  For Netflix shows, spoilers for a minimum of two weeks after they drop seems reasonable.  That long a time because many people can't manage (or don't want) to binge watch over just a couple days, and may need time to watch all episodes.  With the length of most MCU/Netflix seasons, two weeks gives a one-a-day schedule, which seems like it would be manageable for most.

For actual discussion of something, I'll start with a trivia point that irks me from Daredevil season 2.

Now, I freely admit I don't know much at all about the character of the Punisher.  I tired of his comics after just a couple of them.  So it is possible that what I saw on Daredevil was not an 'error' so much as a 'character easter egg' bit thrown to the die-hard Punisher fans.  And that was in Daredevil season 2, episode 11...
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

OK... what other thoughts do you all have on any of the movies, the TV series, crossovers, or ideas spanning the whole 'Marvel Universe on film' combined Feige/Loeb renaissance?

[I briefly struggled whether to place this thread in the "Movie Talk" or the "Television aka TV discussion" area.  But this thread is designed to cross both, and things like the 'Marvel One-Shot' series of short films on Blu-rays and DVDs on top of that.  So I felt that putting it in either the TV area or the Movie area would miss people who might be interested in it.  Of course, putting it in neither area might miss out on everyone who might be interested in contributing, but it's the best placement I could think of for now.]
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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I had forgotten about that Spoiler'd bit! My wife & I both exclaimed it as soon as it popped on screen. Orange always equals Sad Coffee at diners & breakfast joints.

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This is a chronological list of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the release dates.  I will continue to update this as new release announcements are made.
   NOTE: blue sentences or phrases are links to articles discussing that issue.

This annotated list includes interactions between the MCU, the broadcast TV shows, the Netflix and any other streaming shows, and the Marvel One-Shots short films.  The relevant films are sandwiched between the two Agents of SHIELD episodes they fell between (since the largest interactions are between those).

Only one film thus far, GotG v2, has been clearly stated to be grossly out of release-date sequence.  It has been placed in the order in continuity for the events, rather than when the film was released.  However, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Captain America: Civil War are meant to take place later than the film-viewer's time.  i.e. They take place in our future, but the MCU time is different from film-release time.  If needed, when the proper film order or dates are confirmed, those will also be moved.  Also of interest in that article is that Marvel apparently has a huge scroll for film continuity, but since they aren't sharing that (given that it includes where the MCU is going, and events in its past they don't want to reveal yet), there's no official word on what is going on with the Civil War and Spider-Man continuity, and how it all fits together.  [Chances are the scroll will now have to be re-worked anyway, to include the soon-to-be-available FF and X-Men.]  I do believe that Feige said that the continuity would all make sense (after Avengers 3+4 I think it was), so I guess we just have to wait.

In addition to these films, the release dates for the One-Shots shorts does not fit sequentially, as they were all publicly released later than their place in continuity.  They are placed in the position their events occurred, rather than when they were released.  Them being 'late' in release may partly be because they were initially intended to be the 'cartoons' before feature film releases, so would have been presented before the next film was viewed.

This list is filled with spoilers.  Some major and minor plot points are spoiled by this list, so if you haven't seen it all and don't want to be spoiled for anything, don't look at it.  Using the rules for this thread regarding spoilers ("if a film is on home video, no need for spoilers"), here is the full unspoilered list with descriptions thus far:

Interactions between the Marvel Cinematic Universe,
the Marvel TV Universe, and the Marvel One-Shot short film series.

Iron Man . . . . May 2, 2008

The Incredible Hulk . . . . June 13, 2008
Marvel One-Shot: The Consultant . . . . Sept 13, 2011  [On the Thor Blu-ray release.]
     Background on why it was Stark that approached Gen Ross at the end of Incredible Hulk to recruit Blonsky.  Features Coulson and Sitwell.

Iron Man 2 . . . . May 7, 2010
Marvel One-Shot: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer . . .Oct 25, 2011  [On the Captain America: The First Avenger Blu-ray.]
     Coulson kicking ass on the way to Thor's hammer (so, in continuity, after the body of Iron Man 2, but before the credit sequence at the end of the film).
Thor . . . . May 6, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger . . . . July 22, 2011
Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter . . . . September 24, 2013   [On the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray.]
     This not so much interacted with what was in Captain America: tFA (as it is meant to take place one year after that film's events), but started expanding on Peggy Carter's history post-Cap.  The positive response to this led to her two half-seasons:
Agent Carter . . . . Jan 6 - Feb 24, 2015  &  Jan 19 - Mar 1, 2016
     For continuity, all of the Agent Carter stuff took place before any of the films (except CA:tFA), but this seemed the most reasonable place to insert it, as the events in these took place after the WWII parts of CA:tFA.

Marvel's The Avengers . . . . May 4, 2012
     "World Security Council Member #1" (Powers Boothe) is Gideon Malick, who will play a significant role in season 3 of Agents of SHIELD.
Marvel One-Shot: Item 47 . . . . September 25, 2012  [On the Avengers Blu-ray.]
     Agents Sitwell and Blake are sent to retrieve a Chitauri weapon that a couple has found and is using to raise hell.

Iron Man 3 . . . . May 3, 2013
Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King . . . . February 25, 2014  [On the Thor: the Dark World Blu-ray.]
     This 'corrected' the story of the Mandarin, to point out there was a real one and Slattery was not appreciated as misrepresenting him (or her).  [Interesting note: Slattery was held at Seagate prison - the same prison Carl Lucas was held (and transformed) in.]

Agents of SHIELD starts: season 1 . . . . Sept. 24, 2013
     Coulson’s resurrection, post-Marvel’s The Avengers is a core part of the first season’s arc (feeding into the second).  In addition, at various times throughout season 1 the SHIELD crew run into ancient Kree weapons and {I'm pretty sure} Chitauri weapons and organic material left behind after the invasion that they have to collect.  [I may be confusing the Chitauri weapon in the ‘Item 47' One-Shot with the finding of Chitauri stuff in SHIELD, however.]

Agents of SHIELD  s1e6  FZZT . . . . Nov 05, 2013
Thor: The Dark World . . . . November 8, 2013
Agents of SHIELD  s1e7  The Hub . . . . Nov 12, 2013
     The S.H.I.E.L.D. team visits a library in London where Dark Elf tech and remains have been collected, in order to catalog and dispose of it.

Agents of SHIELD  s1e16  End of the Beginning . . . . Apr 01, 2014
Captain America: The Winter Soldier . . . . April 4, 2014
     Discovery that S.H.I.E.L.D. has been infiltrated by Hydra from the beginning.
Agents of SHIELD  s1e17  Turn, Turn, Turn . . . . Apr 08, 2014
     The new knowledge of the presence of Hydra disrupts virtually everything going on and is the hinge point of the first season of SHIELD.  SHIELD is disbanded.

Guardians of the Galaxy . . . . August 1, 2014
     The Kree are a core presence in the movie.  They were essential to Coulson’s resurrection and Daisy’s and the Inhumans' existence.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 . . . . May 5, 2017
     According to Gunn, this takes place about three months after the first Guardians film.

Agents of SHIELD s2e1 . . . . Sept. 23, 2014

Daredevil season 1 . . . . Apr 10, 2015
     See K1s post for a few of the Easter eggs in the series.  [Also: the office across from Nelson & Murdock is 'Atlas' with the Atlas comics logo.  Atlas, of course, evolved into Marvel.]

Agents of SHIELD  s2e19  The Dirty Half Dozen . . . . Apr 28, 2015
     Coulson is tracking down Loki’s scepter.  When found, he signals that it is time to send in the Avengers.
Avengers: Age of Ultron . . . . May 1, 2015
     The secretive “Theta Protocol” Coulson had been working on during the earlier part of the ‘Agents of SHIELD’ season pays off.  It was the unexpected Helicarrier used in the movie, that results in many fewer Sokovian deaths.
Agents of SHIELD  s2e20  Scars . . . . May 05, 2015
     Coulson is called on the carpet for his secretive acts as Acting Director.  His role in the Helicarrier being present and resulting in Sokovian lives being saved in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ helps his position.

Ant-Man . . . . July 17, 2015
     Hank Pym refers to the Avengers disparagingly, saying something like, “they may be off dropping a city on people”, referencing ‘Age of Ultron’.

Agents of SHIELD s3e1 . . . . Sept. 29, 2015
     Refers to the “Pym Technologies disaster.”
     Gideon Malick (Powers Boothe) plays a significant role in this season, starting in episode 6.  He was "World Security Council Member #1" in The Avengers.  As part of Hydra royalty, it explains why he was so irritated that Sgt. Fury let Thor take the Tesseract back to Asgard.  It also explains his apparent ease at voting for nuking midtown, because that would eliminate not only the age-old enemy of Hydra, Captain America, but also eliminate further potential enemies in the rest of the Avengers.

Jessica Jones season 1 . . . . Nov 20, 2015

Daredevil season 2 . . . . March 18, 2016

Agents of SHIELD  s3e19  Failed Experiments . . . . May 03, 2016
Captain America: Civil War . . . . May 6, 2016
Agents of SHIELD  s3e20  Emancipation . . .May 10, 2016
     Following Civil War, Inhumans working with S.H.I.E.L.D. are required by the Sokovia Accords to register, which limits the use of their powers.  S.H.I.E.L.D. returns as a government-sanctioned organization.

Agents of SHIELD s4e1 . . . . Sept. 20, 2016

Luke Cage season 1 . . . . Sept 30, 2016
     References are repeatedly made to ‘the Incident’ (NY invasion in The Avengers).  Also to Daredevil and Matt Murdock, as well as to Jessica Jones, while not referring to either by name.

Agents of SHIELD  s4e6 . . . . Nov 1, 2016
Doctor Strange . . . . Nov 4, 2016
Agents of SHIELD  s4e7 . . . . Nov 29, 2016
     Jed Whedon, one of SHIELD's show runners, said that the story of 'the box' starting in the season 4 opener of Agents of SHIELD shares ideas and concepts with the Doctor Strange film.  However, the only relation appears to be the existence of other dimensions and magic.

Iron Fist season 1 . . . . March 17, 2017
     For the first time in the Netflix series, other characters from the other Marvel/Netflix series are mentioned by name.

Spider-Man: Homecoming . . . . July 7, 2017
     Personal Note: I gotta' say, I always loved the double meaning of that title!  Both referring to the homecoming dance, but also that Spider-Man was FINALLY coming back 'home' to Marvel control. :)
     There are strong indications in the film, and vague and obfuscating interview comments by Feige (sadly can no longer find those to link to), that this film takes place in the future (compared to its release date).  This means Civil War also did not take place when it was released, as Homecoming clearly states it takes place just two months after Civil War.  This also fits with the fact that the second MCU Spider-Man film will not be released until July of 2019, yet is about the year following Peter's 'Homecoming' school year.  [This seriously messes up the MCU/TV crossover continuity, as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. used Civil War events in 'real time' in its season three story line.  With that, I don't think Feige cares about the TV series (as indicated by the lack of mention of any TV event in any film). i.e. #ItsNotAllConnected ::) ]

The Defenders season 1 . . . . August 18, 2017

Inhumans season 1 . . . . September 1, 2017 for IMAX; Sept 29 for TV
     [Personal Comment: Despite the misfire of Iron Fist season 1, with this, we now know what a truly BAD Marvel product looks like.]

Thor: Ragnarok . . . . November 3, 2017

The Punisher season 1 . . . . November 17, 2017

Runaways season 1 . . . . November 21, 2017

Agents of SHIELD  s5e1 . . . . December 1, 2017

Black Panther . . . . February 16, 2018

Jessica Jones season 2 . . . . March 8, 2018
     One of the 'crazies' that were interviewed while trying to find new cases, said, "lizards wearing human skins are taking over the government."  This is most likely a veiled reference to the Captain Marvel film (releasing exactly a year after this season dropped), which takes place either largely or entirely in the 1990s, and features the Skrulls - lizard-like creatures who 'take on human skins' as they morph into others.

Avengers: Infinity War . . . . April 27, 2018
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. episode s05e20
     Mentions Thanos by name as being a current threat to Earth.

Cloak and Dagger season 1 . . . . June 7, 2018

Luke Cage season 2 . . . . June 22, 2018

Ant-Man and the Wasp . . . . July 6, 2018


New Warriors (with Squirrel Girl) season 1 . . . . ? ?, 2018  [most likely with Fall line-up]
Iron Fist season 2 . . . . Sept 7, 2018
Daredevil season 3 . . . . ? ?, 2018  [late in year (Dec?)]

Captain Marvel . . . . March 8, 2019
Jessica Jones season 3 . . . . ? ?, 2019  [most likely early in year (March again?)]
Untitled Avengers . . . . May 3, 2019
as-yet untitled Spider-Man movie . . . . July 12, 2019

as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . May 1, 2020
as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . July 31, 2020
as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . November 6, 2020

as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . May 7, 2021
as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . July 30, 2021
as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . Nov. 5, 2021

as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . Feb. 18, 2022
as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . May 6, 2022
as-yet untitled Marvel movie . . . . July 29, 2022

While researching this (e.g. Epguides.com for Agents of SHIELD episode numbers and dates, Wikipedia for film release dates, and the Marvel One-Shots short films), I ran across an article with very short descriptions of what a few of the interactions were, and films' impacts on Agents of SHIELD.  However, I used their comments only as a reminder of what happened, and wrote my own (usually expanded) descriptions for each.
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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While re-watching the films, I realized I needed yet another LucasM Useful MCU List TM. ::)  Then yet another one... so I made these.

With this first list, you can now know in advance which credits to visual search through, and be able to anticipate when to stop, without having to memorize this information for each film.  I used just enough words for descriptions to trigger memories, not to actually describe the full events.  Each conforms to the Spoiler Requirements for this thread: if it is out on home video, no spoiler is used.

   Marvel Cinematic Universe Mid-and-End-Credit Scenes Chart

First box is for a possible mid-credit scene (after animated credits, prior to all-text credits), second box is for possible end-credit scene ('stinger').
Any scene that is present in part or in whole in the next film is in brackets (e.g. the Ant-Man end-credit scene is a variation on scenes in Civil War, as is the first Doctor Strange end credit scene with Thor: Ragnarok).

Mid-/Stinger scene present
□    ■   Iron Man  -  May 2, 2008
   .    .                       / Intro: Nick Fury & ‘Avengers Initiative’

□    □   The Incredible Hulk  -  June 13, 2008
   .   .

□    ■   Iron Man 2  -  May 7, 2010
   .    .                       / Coulson arrives at Mjolnir

□    ■   Thor  -  May 6, 2011
   .   .                        / Fury shows Selvig the Tesseract

□    ■   Captain America: The First Avenger  -  July 22, 2011
   .   .                        / [Cap punching bag - Fury ‘save world’]

■    ■   Marvel's The Avengers  -  May 4, 2012
   .   .   Thanos introduction / Schwarma

□    ■   Iron Man 3  -  May 3, 2013
   .     .                      / Tony talking to sleeping Banner

■    ■   Thor: The Dark World  -  November 8, 2013
   .   .   Aether to Collector / Thor returns, frost monster chasing birds

■    ■   Captain America: The Winter Soldier  -  April 4, 2014
   .   .   Strucker & intro Pietro & Wanda / Bucky at Smithsonian

■    ■   Guardians of the Galaxy  -  August 1, 2014
   .   .   Baby Groot dancing / Collector in ruins (Cosmo/Howard)

□    ■   Avengers: Age of Ultron  -  May 1, 2015
   .      .                     / Thanos: “Fine!  I’ll do it myself!”

■    ■   Ant-Man  -  July 17, 2015
   .   .   Wasp: “It’s about damn time!” / [Cap, Falcon, Bucky - partially different]

■    ■   Captain America: Civil War  -  May 6, 2016
   .   .   Bucky frozen in Wakanda / Spider-Man finds computer

■    ■   Doctor Strange  -  November 4, 2016
   .   .   [Thor consult - partially different] / Mordo’s mission

■ ■ ■ ■ ■   Guardians of the Galaxy 2  -  May 5, 2017
   .   .   Arrow / orig GotG / Warlock / teen Groot / SLee ‘ride’

■    ■   Spider-man: Homecoming  -  July 28, 2017
   .   .   Toomes meets Scorpion in prison / Cap on ‘patience’ ;D

■    ■   Thor: Ragnarok  -  November 3, 2017
   .   .   Thanos's ship / "It's a tie!"

■    ■   Black Panther  -   February 16, 2018
   .   .       T'Challa at UN, Austria / Bucky awakens
□    ■   Avengers: Infinity War  -  April 27, 2018
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
□    □   Ant-Man and the Wasp - July 6, 2018
□    □   Captain Marvel  -  March 8, 2019
□    □   Avengers: [untitled]  -  May 3, 2019
□    □   [unnamed Spider-Man]  -  July 12, 2019
□    □   [unnamed]  -  May 1, 2020
□    □   [unnamed]  -  July 31, 2020
□    □   [unnamed]  -  November 6, 2020

□    □   [unnamed]  -  May 7, 2021
□    □   [unnamed]  -  July 30, 2021
□    □   [unnamed]  -  November 5, 2021
□    □   [unnamed]  -  February 18, 2022
□    □   [unnamed]  -  May 6, 2022
□    □   [unnamed]  -  July 29, 2022

  =  =  =  =  =  =  =  =

The second one is short (so far).  When MCU films were released, a few that were released in IMAX 3D theaters had exclusive IMAX scenes in them.  These scenes had at least a 1.9:1 expanded ratio, vs the 2.35:1 ratio for the rest of the film.  Thus far, Marvel has ONLY released the expanded ratio scenes on the 3D versions of those films.  They are not on the 2D versions, not on the recent 4K versions.  On DVDs, digital versions, 2D Blu-rays, and on 4K discs, the films remain cropped to the 2.35:1 aspect ratio throughout.  Except for Civil War, the amount of the expanded sections is roughly an hour of screen time or more.  So it is a substantial gain of visuals, which is particularly effective in Doctor Strange and Hulk: Ragnarok.

In order to know which MCU films have the IMAX footage (so I could remember to always re-watch the 3D versions of those films), I made this second list.  Any time details for this came from HERE.

Here are a series of screenshots showing JUST how much difference the aspect ratio makes to different scenes: side-by-side images for 2D and IMAX scenes for the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

Please Note: my 3D TV (as well as likely most others) has an option for selecting 2D viewing of 3D input, if one doesn't want to actually watch it in 3D, but still wants the expanded video sections.

   Marvel Cinematic Universe 3D-Blu-ray-Exclusive IMAX Scenes

Guardians of the Galaxy  -  August 1, 2014  -  https://imgur.com/a/Igpfi
     Over an hour of footage opened up to 1.90:1 on select scenes.

Captain America: Civil War  -  May 6, 2016
     17 minutes of IMAX footage.

Doctor Strange  -  November 4, 2016
     Over an hour of footage opened up to 1.90:1 for select scenes.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2  -  May 5, 2017
     Aspect ratio opened up to 1.90:1 for select sequences.  Enhanced framing technique known as "Frame break" used to enhance 3D effects, making effects travel "outside" the frame.  [For me, this also pulls me out of the film, however, as it forces one to recognize one is watching a film.]

Thor: Ragnarok  -  November 3, 2017
     Aspect ratio opened up to 1.90:1 for select sequences.

Black Panther  -   February 16, 2018
     Aspect ratio opened up to 1.90:1 for select sequences.

?? UNKNOWN:  Avengers: Infinity War  -  May 4, 2018
     First feature film to be entirely shot with IMAX/Arri Alexa digital cameras.  [Unknown how this will be treated for home video.  Depends entirely on the aspect ratio used when shown in general cinemas, I suspect.  e.g. Avengers used 1.78:1 and Ant-Man used a 1.85:1 ratio for the entire film, regardless of theater, and their 2D Blu-rays are roughly full HD screen size.  I'm guessing this will be the case here, as well.  But I've got it here 'just in case'.]
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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I'm interested to see if Ghost Rider shows up in any of the films. He seems like a big enough player that to leave him as an Agents of SHIELD character only would be a waste.

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Here's some for Daredevil season 1 for you off the top of my head.

Reference to Father Lantom (ties to Runaways as well as Cloak & Dagger)  Tons of references to "the incident".  Crusher Creel shows up in Agents of SHIELD as The Absorbing Man.  St. Agnes has ties to SHIELD.  That's where the orphanage that Skye/Daisy/Quake grew up.  In Ben's office there's newspaper articles for "Battle of NY" & "Terror In Harlem" which tie to Avengers & Incredible Hulk.  Roxxon is mentioned a bit as well (ties to Iron Man)

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For those who've already stopped in to look at this thread, I've done an overhaul of the first post (the 'mission statement' for the thread).  I did that because what I wrote initially wasn't as clear as I thought it should be.  So you may want to read the new version.

K1: Nice!  I added a link to your post in the 'Index' post above. :)

OK... now I have a question.  I've been reading people's opinions about who was 'right' in Captain America: Civil War on Facebook.  I won't respond there (a couple reasons: too many vicious crazies, and I don't care as much about what people I have no relationship with say).  But one thing no-one has brought up is that the moral high ground - I think - partially depends on the number of people one has killed.  [For the true moral high ground, that number would need to be zero.]

I see Tony killing without a second thought since the first Iron Man.  I've seen Cap killing (something he never did in the comics following his thawing, I don't think).  It seems that if they are willing to take lives [because the current 'action movie' tropes require heroes to do so], then neither is truly on the 'highest' ground.

The question I have is: does anyone know of a body count list, by character, for each of the characters in this shared universe?  It would be interesting to see who is the least respecting of human life.  Only the on-screen ones, as ones mentioned but not shown (e.g. Black Widow's past) can't be accurately counted.  [And, for this, I'm just wondering about humans... let's not count the Chitauri since there's good evidence they aren't alive in the sense we know (as they all collapsed when the mothership was destroyed, suggesting they were all animated solely by energy coming from it).]  I'm also referring to deliberate kills, not things like the body count from Wanda not being prepared for the early events of Civil War with Rumlo in Lagos.
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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Sorry I'm multiply-posting here.  These are things I've thought about that I guess I never had the right place to ask or comment on.  Hopefully I'm not the only one who finds them interesting.

My question(s) still stands in the previous post.  But here's some things I found that addresses a tiny bit of it.  When I found it, I just figured I'd share so someone else might not invest the time and effort to find and share info I'd already found.  [Hence the third post in a row.]

I found two kill-count videos, one each for Iron Man and Cap, but they include non-humans.  The Iron Man one shows Tony as killing 40 people just in his first film (then goes on from there).  No remorse at all.  Steve, in his first film, was less than that number, if only just barely, with 39 people [though I question the number racked up for the Hydra 'huge tank'].  But of course he goes on from there in further appearances.  Of course, Cap's kills in his first film were in wartime, but they were still human.  An unrelated aside: I find it rather odd that someone with seemingly no compuction about killing has a problem with someone using the word "shit". ???

Honestly, after looking at that vid, I'm amazed that Mjolnir moved at all when Steve tried to pick it up in Age of Ultron.  It shouldn't have budged.  [Imagine if Gandhi said, "I only killed 39 British invaders, but it was a war for my country"... would that make him 'morally pure' enough to be nearly deified?]

Iron Man 'Kill-Toll' vid:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Captain America 'Kill-Toll' vid:
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
I have a problem with the Cap vid body count for a couple of reasons.  First, it counts every person hit by his shield as dead.  While they might be dead, I feel only 'incapacitating injury' can be assumed for most of them.  Second, all the 'Ultrons' were the same consciousness.  Destroying the bodies of the non-central Ultron is the equivalent of breaking remote computers but leaving the server intact: it does nothing to the OS or data, as only the 'server' is 'alive'.  Plus it was the Vision who eliminated the final one, so Cap would get a '0' for kills there.  I also have a problem with Cap getting 'credit' for the deaths on the three helicarriers in Winter Soldier, given that he had help from Sam to plant the chips, and it was actually Agent Hill that activated them... (in addition, as the story clearly pointed out, they were all three minimally manned ['operated by three people' for one of them], so hardly the death toll for their crashes shown in the video).

I'm still interested in the rest of the Marvel superheroes in the shared universe, if anyone can find anything on the others.  [For arguments sake, we can include Black Widow and Hawkeye in 'superheroes' for this.  I just don't think it worth the effort to find this info for each Agent of SHIELD, for instance.  Particularly if it takes significant effort.]
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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Awesome news!

The Punisher Netflix Series Begins Filming

They sure didn't waste any time. ;D

Also on the Netflix front... here's a pretty good article on Luke Cage: A bulletproof black man: Luke Cage is the superhero America needs now.  Has some relatively minor spoilers (but spoilers nevertheless), so if you are spoiler-sensitive, you may want to wait til you've seen the first season before reading.
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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Iron Fist- March 17.

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Thanks, Compound!  Lookin' forward to that almost as much as I was to Luke Cage... possibly just as much, actually, but in a different way.

At NYCC the actor was named for the big bad for Marvel/Netflix Defenders series.  And for the Iron Fist panel, all four Defenders showed up.

Picture of the four, plus the big bad given inside a spoiler, just in case people consider it a spoiler.  [Who the actor plays was not stated.]
Spoiler (click to show/hide)
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects

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Marvel's up to SOMETHING with Blade: http://www.avclub.com/article/marvels-dusting-blade-hunt-more-vampires-not-ones--243944
I'm glad it's not a crossover with Underworld. Those movies not only weren't very good, but their world isn't very interesting.

I do wish Wesley Snipes could play the role at least once more. The guy is still in great shape, and it's a shame for him to go out with the disappointing Blade 3.

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Marvel's up to SOMETHING with Blade: http://www.avclub.com/article/marvels-dusting-blade-hunt-more-vampires-not-ones--243944
I'm glad it's not a crossover with Underworld. Those movies not only weren't very good, but their world isn't very interesting.

I do wish Wesley Snipes could play the role at least once more. The guy is still in great shape, and it's a shame for him to go out with the disappointing Blade 3.

NOPE scrub that previous shitty Blade universe out. Relaunch it within the MCU the way it should be.

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Yeah, I'd be up for an MCU revamping of Blade.

Here's a little amusing thing from the interwebs: Luke Cage opening through a 'Family Matters' window...
<a href="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/0gpED0Z57RU" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/0gpED0Z57RU</a>

...and then... Avengers through a 'Full House' window...
<a href="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/C6VgotgUfyA" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/C6VgotgUfyA</a>
For a side-by-side for this one vs the original, check this out:
<a href="http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/vEh6hrFPnO4" target="_blank" class="new_win">http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/v/vEh6hrFPnO4</a>
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To dispel some of the misconceptions about head injuries you have developed from watching movies and TV, I wrote this: ...Some Information on Head Injury Effects