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"Arachnia" VOD Now Available!
« on: May 13, 2016, 03:17:00 PM »

From Edgewood, the studio that brought us gems like Time Chasers, Radical Jack, and Icebreaker—yet is still somehow legally permitted to continue making movies—it’s Arachnia!

Yes, Arachnia, for people who want a goofy spider movie but find the word Arachnophobia a couple syllables too long. As is required in Edgewood films, it all begins with a light plane crash. (TIP: if you ever find yourself living in the Edgewood film universe, stick to big planes, the little ones will only get you in trouble.) This particular crash brings this particular crew of non-actors to a little remote cabin in a little remote place that claims to be somewhere near Arizona but sure looks a lot like Vermont. (Another tip: if you find yourself living in the Edgewood film universe, no matter where you think you are, you are actually in Vermont.)

The macho pilot, sleazy horndog scientist, stoner idiot grad student, smart assistant and some impossibly stupid undergrad eye candy meet up with a grizzly old coot in this convention of not-quite-right stock characters. They’ll wage war against the massive spider monsters who threaten their lives and the very limits of what qualifies as “stop-motion animation.”

Run, walk, swim, but whatever you do don’t get on a light plane to join Mike, Bill, and Kevin for Arachnia!
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