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Re: Mass Effect: Andromeda
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EA Play Trailer

    The new ship is called the Tempest. It's small enough to land on planets
    Asari, Salarians, Krogan etc are all in Andromeda
    The Mako has a boost feature
    Biotics are back
    You can switch shoulders during combat
    Facial animations are smoother/more detailed
    There is more than one Ark
    Before leaving, the Arks were located above Earth
    Passengers on the Ark have been kept in some kind of stasis during the journey. Female character is first to wake up

Mac Walters (YouTube Live at E3)

    Characters are a huge focus, Frostbite allows them to create more detailed characters
    The dialogue system will be familiar but they want to push the envelope with new mechanics
    There will be an 'evolution' of the morality system
    The protagonist's name is Ryder
    The woman at the end of the EA Play video is a FemRyder
    The goal of this game is to move forward. There will be callbacks to the trilogy, however
    Ryder has a family. This family ties into the storyline (Maybe siblings, parents, etc.)
    "Mass Effect 3" multiplayer was a surprising success but they understand that fans didn't like how it tied into the single player, aims to improve this
    Development in the game is in the final stretch, they only want to show stuff that's totally finished and polished
    The Mako is the only vehicle in the game

Polygon and IGN interviews with Mac Walters/Aaryn Flynn

    "Mass Effect 3's" ending and your decisions won't affect Andromeda
    Relationships and romances will be more realistic
    Friendships and romances will take into account character temperaments. Some may be harder to talk to.
    Romance won't be limited to checking in a few times, then getting a romance scene.
    "Mass Effect Andromeda" is a story about becoming a hero
    The characters will be much younger and untested, drawing from themes of feeling out of depth or like an outcast
    Humanity are the aliens this time, it's the story of a stranger in a strange land
    BioWare are aiming for a character that is more than just a typical space marine, someone who recognises the impact their presence is having
    Instead of your character already knowing a lot about the Galaxy like Shepard, you're going to be discovering all of this stuff with them
    You won't have the kind of support Shepard would have. You're not exactly a Spectre this time
    The story of the game will be more personal this time, even though the scale is still grand
    The trilogy will act as a foundational background, but won't be a focus. There will be explanations for new players on what Krogans are, what mass effect field are etc.
    The trilogy was about a cinematic, grand, space opera with a titular character. With Andromeda they want to move away from this
    Instead of saying "You are this person" it's about saying "This is your role and this is the way you can play it"
    Andromeda will still be a human centric story, as it gives the player a foothold in the alien narrative
    In "Mass Effect," humans found themselves to be the underdogs in a larger galaxy, and this is ultimately a core theme of "Mass Effect," not just the trilogy
    BioWare kept trying to solve the vehicle problem in the trilogy, but this time they've made it a core focus and tried to fix it early in development
    The online component will have no impact on the main story this time. There will be more positive ties between the singleplayer and multiplayer
    The core elements of branching dialogue, relationship building, exploration etc will remain intact
    Andromeda will feel like you're playing "Mass Effect" for the first time, as the setting/characters are new and unfamiliar, yet nostalgic to returning fans

Yanick Roy (Studio Director)

    RPG elements are, of course, still there, allowing the player to control the story their way
    BioWare aren't worried about moving on from Shepard, they believe that as long as all the core elements of "Mass Effect" are there, people will play it
    There will be companions with 'loyalty' missions and new ways to get to know them
    The multiplayer will be similar to "Mass Effect 3's" but with more freedom, dynamic gameplay and 'chaos'
    There will be more customisation than we've seen before. We can "own" our environments
    Andromeda is their biggest game ever. Exploration is a major factor, similar to what they tried to achieve in "Mass Effect"
    Planets will have essentially one biome, inspired by planets from things like "Star Wars"
    There will be different ways to communicate with the races of Andromeda. Diplomacy, aggressiveness, combat, etc.
    The order in which you do quests/talk to people may also influence opinion of you and humanity
    We will be able to choose male/female, but they want to go a little bit further with this. More details to come soon
    The female Ryder isn't exactly the default face. There is a bit of a twist this time around but they can't say more yet
    The protagonist's role will be vast, their goal is to find a new home for humanity and the other races accompanying them, requiring a character of many qualities
    There will be references to the trilogy, but not so much as to flood new players with information
    The way the translators will understand the languages of the Andromeda species will be explained

Aaryn Flynn (PlayStation Access and Inside Playstation)

    The trip to Andromeda has taken a really long time (hundreds of years)
    The game draws parallels to today's space exploration advancements/themes
    The N7 character has nothing to do with Shepard
    New species. Some old, some new, some completely mysterious
    Choices will affect the species you encounter
    Planetary exploration is essentially the same mechanic as "Mass Effect," but much bigger/better with more freedom
    There's much more to the Tempest than meets the eye
    The 'Ark' is a huge part of the story, not just where Ryder wakes up
    Main character will be human, you can choose to play as a male/female Ryder
    There is a sense of continuity in the Mass Effect universe, despite starting fresh in a new Galaxy
    "Mass Effect Andromeda" is story/characters first, then with a large focus on seamless loading, exploration
    Frostbite has forced them to rebuild everything from the ground up, it's a clean slate in more ways than one
    "Mass Effect" VR is a possibility