Author Topic: EXCLUSIVE bonus disc featuring The MST3K Annual Summer Blockbuster Review  (Read 3903 times)

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No mail for me today. :(
But that also means no bills, so that's nice

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I'm watching Stranded in Space right now. It's new to me.

I can't repeat enough how glad I am they changed the menus to puppets. No more of that awful CGI.

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Yeah, that shipped incredibly fast.  I got the notice that it had shipped last night, and it was on my porch today.  Take that, Amazon!

I watched the first Blockbuster Special, but not the second yet.  It was cute, but I can understand people not wanting to spend the money to get it.  I did like it when Bobo kept going on about ape movies and Servo kept saying, "Shut up.  Shut up."

Then, to the real meat...Incredible Melting Man.  Hotchka!
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Summer Blockbuster Specials = meh
Not sorry I got them for collection purposes, but they weren't anything special.
Really enjoyed 3 of the 4 episodes in the box though. Had seen them all, but didn't have strong memories of any of them.
Didn't care much for City Limits which is strange because it has a ton of elements that should have made for a great bad movie, but I still don't really know what the heck the plot was. Watched late at night and was only have paying attention, so may have to give it another viewing.

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City Limits is interesting because Rae Dawn Chong apparently didn't see the movie until MST3K riffed it, despite being in the movie.  From what I've heard, she enjoyed their treatment of it.   Also heard that the cast weren't really fond of the movie, giving it the nickname, "Shitty Limits".

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Summer Blockbuster Specials = meh
Not sorry I got them for collection purposes, but they weren't anything special.

Agree completely!  They really just aren't terribly funny or memorable, but there's no way my collection could do without them, even though it meant paying over $20 more for the set than buying it (Blockbuster-less) on Amazon.
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