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The Tiny Astronaut - Available Now!
« on: March 31, 2016, 08:58:51 AM »


Imagine a tiny astronaut. No, tinier. Tinier still. TINIER. Are you thinking of a little white rodent yet? Good, then you’re ready to see his life put in grave danger in The Tiny Astronaut!

The Tiny Astronaut is a short from the golden age of space travel, back when it was mostly about putting confused animals in giant explosive rockets and seeing what happened. But the twist this time is that the endangered mouse (not to be confused with Danger Mouse) is a young boy’s beloved pet. Aw, aeronautics can be so bittersweet. And actually, in this case, just straight-up cruel, as some mean older boys who are also somehow major science nerds take the lad’s mouse in their endless quest for knowledge and/or seeing stuff blow up real good.

Will the boy save his mouse? Will the rocket launch go off as planned? Will Neil deGrasse Tyson butt in to point out scientific inaccuracies in the film? It’s time to head to the launchpad and find out, join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for The Tiny Astronaut!