Author Topic: RiffTrax Presents: Flight to Mars (Matthew J. Elliott, Ian Potter) Available Now  (Read 504 times)

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September 29, 2015 – NASA scientists announce the discovery of water on Mars, entirely failing to acknowledge the far more significant discoveries made by a team of dedicated scientists (and Cameron Mitchell) made on their flight there in 1951.

Water? Check. Grapes on walls? Check. No pants for ladies? Oh, hell yeah. David Bowie's query has finally been answered – there is life on Mars! OK, technically his query was answered decades before he recorded that song, but life on Mars there is, be­-robed, pants-less life, and it's the job of these intrepid travelers to explain “What is kiss, Earthman?”

Flight to Mars represents everything you could possibly want in a sci­-fi movie, provided you don't ask for eye­-popping CGI effects you'll remember in your dreams, or anything not featuring the guy from Supersonic Man.


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Another winner!  :highfive:   I definitely enjoyed this riff.  :D