Author Topic: New BlockBuster Riff: Maze Runner  (Read 334 times)

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New BlockBuster Riff: Maze Runner
« on: October 05, 2015, 03:20:57 AM »
I know you guys aren't really doing these anymore, but if you watch Maze Runner, you will make a special case.

There is so much dead air in the dialogue, for the sake of 'weighty' drama, to insert lengthy snarky comments and do saracastic filler lines for other characters.

You hear that?

- You hear that foley work?

But you're not going back out there alone

- I'm going to send Chunk with you.

Thanks Newt

- explain to me again why the dung jockey is now the leader of the lost boys?

Climactic Hero Speech:

- So...what about the two dudes they knocked out before the moving speech?  They were just going to leave those guys behind no matter what...right?  Or are we supposed to think they are dead, so there is no moral quandry here.  It's clean and simple: Our hero, in an act of deception, slayed two men (40 year-old extras playing children, rather) in order to take the camp hostage and make a stirring speech.  Awesome...

During the speech scene, all the 'bad kids' are played by actors that would LOVE to be considered to be cast as a 30-something.  These are some haggard, weird looking dudes...and the dick brother from Home Alone as their leader...who is ironically still really baby-faced.  I dunno wtf is going on with the casting here.  I just know it's really gross.
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