Author Topic: 6x14 - San Francisco International, Mistake?  (Read 630 times)

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6x14 - San Francisco International, Mistake?
« on: July 03, 2015, 06:07:38 PM »
This is one of my more favorite episodes, particularly of the Mike CC years.  Was happy to be able to get a good-quality, legit, copy of it in the Vol. 32 set.   But after seeing it so many times, I was surprised to find what I think is a mistake in the final host-segment.

In the final segment, Mike and the bots talk about the movie and Crow points out that David Hartman is an "ugly, ugly man" and everyone seems to agree.  Cue a series of back-and-forth chats between Mike and The Mads with Forrester sporting an increasingly large set of ears.

This is obviously a joke on the appearance of one of the characters in the movie who's not conventionally attractive and has a large set of ears in proportion to his head and other facial features.  I never thought much of it, not being good with names and just enjoyed the jokes.

But tonight it dawned on me the guys were wrong!  David Hartman wasn't the big-eared criminal in the movie!  In fact, the guys seem to know who David Hartman is considering a couple of the references in the movie they make to Hartman's other work (like The Bold Ones).  David Hartman was the pilot who had the "mushy nose-wheel" who's at the center of the criminals' plan to steal the money.

The big-eared criminal is Robert Sorrells, who's currently serving a life sentence for murder.

So a mistake in the final segment of this movie and an odd one too considering, again, the guys seem to know who David Hartman is.   That, or I'm mis-reading the final host-segment and they're making fun of Hartman's looks (though, again, he's hardly ugly. Fairly average looking I'd say) and at the same time they're making fun of Sorrells' ears in Deep 13.

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Re: 6x14 - San Francisco International, Mistake?
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2015, 07:22:23 PM »
I am pretty sure they actually addressed this somewhere. They didn't have imdb then, and so it was pretty easy to misidentify someone.