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The Room: Interview with Tommy Wiseau
« on: April 30, 2015, 03:26:21 PM »
Interview with Tommy Wiseau

Doug Walker, who's done a webshow called "The Nostalgia Critic" for the last few years interviews Tommy Wiseau in a phone interview.  Tommy Wiseau is as incomprehensible and delusion as you may expect. Probably more so.

Interesting tidbit, a few years ago Walker did a "Nostalgia Critic" episode of The Room.  Even though the movie was after the then self-imposed cut-off date for doing reviews he built-in an in-show excuse of time-traveling to a future point where the movie *was* old enough to be nostalgic.   Shortly after the review was posted it was taken down by Walker's host by a copyright dispute from Wiseau (since the review contained video from the movie.)  Walker then posted a video of him doing an impersonation of Wiseau hosting his own "talk show"/discussion on topics. Mocking Wiseau.

The review was soon put back up, likely after Walker -or the host- rightfully pointed out the review's use of The Room footage fell under Fair Use (using footage/copyrighted material without permission for purposes of review, commentary, or parody.)

Anyway, an interesting listen.

Our own Sugar Ray Dodge (who I haven't seen posting here for a while, but I communicate with on FB) who runs a Rifftrax Wiki also got to interview Wiseau via telephone recently too.

RTWiki Interview: Wiseau