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Re: LOC #84: Top 50 Saturday Night Live Cast Members
« Reply #135 on: April 02, 2015, 09:30:46 PM »
Thanks, and your welcome. It was more time consuming than I expected, so I have new respect for those who host this regularly.

I had 32 on my original list, and then had the task of slowly cutting away 7 until I had this...

1.   John Belushi
2.   Bill Murray
3.   Eddie Murphy
4.   Chris Farley
5.   Gilda Radner
6.   Chevy Chase
7.   Dana Carvey
8.   Kate McKinnon
9.   Al Franken
10.   Tim Kazurinsky
11.   Taran Killam
12.   Norm MacDonald
13.   Dan Aykroyd 
14.   Mike Meyers
15.   Don Novello
16.   Billy Crystal
17.   Will Ferrell
18.   Adam Sandler
19.   Abby Elliott
20.   Laraine Newman
21.   Kristen Wiig
22.   Bill Hader 
23.   Dennis Miller
24.   Fred Armisen
25.   Jon Lovitz

1.   Christopher Walken
2.   Buck Henry
3.   Richard Pryor
4.   Candice Bergen
5.   Alec Baldwin
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Re: LOC #84: Top 50 Saturday Night Live Cast Members
« Reply #136 on: June 19, 2015, 03:43:06 AM »
A day (er, months) late and a dollar short?

So I'm watching some SNL from the Ebersol era and it dawns on me that I forgot one of my planned questions of the week... "Who was your favorite guest?"

They don't do it much these days, but way back when, guest performers were a staple. One night it was Richard Pryor's ex wife reciting a poem, on another, the Shapiro Sisters dancing and lip syncing to a song.

Magician Harry Anderson made a big splash on the show -- and you had a variety of  jugglers (Michael Davis), comedians (Bob and Ray) and dancers (The Lockers, which featured Rerun himself, Fred Berry).

The king of the guests was performance artist/comedian Andy Kaufman, a regular who did some of his most memorable bits on SNL.

But my favorite would have to be that sleepy eyed guy name Joel Hodgson. Who did prop comedy, magic and other strange stuff. I just watched the Flip Wilson ep -- Flip spoke about the fake bomb (used in Joel's previous appearance) which got him (Hodgson) in trouble when he left it at his hotel and a maid thought it was real.

In this show, Joel did his "Agent J" bit and the audience was really into the act.

This is a late addition, but I wanted to have this covered for future generations who might stumble in this thread and think, "Hey, what about Season 9 when Joel was on?"