Author Topic: I watched that iZombie on the CW that all the kids love these days...  (Read 475 times)

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Now, I am fairly burned out on the whole zombie thing. I loved it as kid but, now it is everywhere and all over the place... with your hula-hoops and your pants down to there... BAH!

But I like Rob Thomas and was always a fan of Veronica Mars, although the movie what the hell happened? Everybody drank a quart of Robitussin before each take that was a slow and sloppy movie. The James Franco bits were cute but... eh...

Anyways... I liked that "IZombie" thing. It was fun. One critic said, "Veronica Mars was always considered the 'New BuffY' well now this character more closely resembles that idea with her supernatural abilities..." and it went on but I got bored with the review.

SO, pretty fun. I like the way she ate her brains with chopsticks. That's how I would eat them, too. I love to eat with chopsticks.

What were we talking about?
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