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Re: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 (Movie Lineup Through 2019)
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I feel like even amongst Marvel fans, Eternals is an outlier.  It feels like they decided on that when they realized they f-ed up Inhumans by making it a bad TV show.  HOW DARE YOU WASTE THE CINEMATIC POTENTIAL OF A GIANT TELEPORTING BULLDOG WITH A TUNING FORK ON HIS HEAD.

But I'm still excited for jacked Kumail Nanjiani and one of Jack Kirby's 70s era properties.  As good as he was at creating most of the Marvel Universe in the silver age, his bronze age work is so wonderfully wacked out with big cosmic ideas so here's hoping the filmmakers go nuts with some over the top crazy ideas.  I mean, in the wake of Guardians, I feel like there's very few ideas that are too out there for the audiences anymore.