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The movie has been cut
« on: October 15, 2014, 09:51:16 PM »
I just noticed that at least two scenes were cut short.
1) On the farm there is a extended shot of the answering machine with his girlfriend talking on it about having dinner with him.
2) When Coldyron first walks into the Police building his conversation with "Howdeling" about the Los Angeles team lasts about 15 seconds longer in the movie. He talks about his hopes that the LA team brought some kind of "liver" that he likes.
3) When Coldyron does his presentation about Rotor at the end the guy in the lab coat comes in to tell him about the very important call in his office.
    Coldyron says that the Bugler on the phone hasnt had a "bowl movment in a week" and he should stay away from "that home cookin". He also says that "Bugler was "39 years old before he discovered that gravy wasnt a beverage".

I have to compare my other rip of the movie for more details. I just thought its weird that the RT version is edited down
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Re: The movie has been cut
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