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James Bond 25
« on: May 28, 2016, 09:45:00 PM »
Sam Mendes won’t direct next James Bond film: ‘It’s time for somebody else’
Former theatre director who oversaw Skyfall and Spectre said he ‘loved every second of it’ but that he was ready to move on from the franchise

BMD May. 27, 2016:
EXCLUSIVE: Tom Hiddleston Confirmed To Be In Talks For BOND 25
A source close to the actor tells us he's indeed in discussions for the role.
Quote from: PHIL NOBILE JR.
I can’t quite get my head around just what flavor of 007 Tom Hiddleston would be tapped to deliver. Frankly, if anything, THAT’S what makes his casting an exciting prospect. Giving an audience what they expect is what led to the lazier entries of the franchise, and much like the craignotbond.com days of 2005, it seems Eon will be charting its own course.