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Castle Waaldruc
« on: September 01, 2014, 11:56:04 PM »
From the outside, did anyone notice how much Castle Waaldruc looks like the castle of the Crimson Executioner in "Bloody Pit of Horror"?

Also, if you cut off the W, "Waaldruc" is an anagram for "Dracula"? And I was in Rome once, as a European student tour trip which was a 16th birthday present...so naturally, I and my schoolmates did a lot of drinking - everywhere, including Rome, Florence and Venice. And since my favourite drink was vodka, I noticed oddly that in Italy, the letter V is replaced with a W, as the bottles would read "Wodka" on them. So in a sense, W is V in Itallian. So we get V. Dracula. Coincidence? We didn't see the town's name spelled out so I am taking free reign with the double "a", but going by pronunciation, it would have been correct. Maybe they were just looking for a name that SORT of sounded like Dracula, but not obviously Note that Miss Eckberg pronounces the town and family name "vahdruc" (short u, as in "ugh") sometimes changing it to "voodreck". But the serving wenches say "Waldrick". So I am just day-for-night blue skying here, but I think the name was an anagram.

But what I really want to know about was the castle. There are doubtlessly castle exteriors all over Italy for filming, but this just looks a LOT like the Castle of Crimsy. Anyone know more than I obviously don't?

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