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Need the Movie? Function
« on: June 16, 2014, 05:51:36 PM »
   I emailed support about this a long time ago. Never heard back, so don't know if they ever got the email.  Anyway...
   I have noticed that when you click on the "Need the movie?" link, it usually takes you to Amazon, to purchase the DVD.  No problem.  But, many of those movies are available to rent (stream) for only a couple of dollars. 
  For people such as seals, uh, such as myself, the rent option is the way to go. I'll never purchase Twilight or LOTR, etc. I won't purchase most DVDs. But stream them along with a Rifftrax? OH YEAH, I'M GAME!   
  So, I'd like to again encourage Riffftrax to include the rental link along side the purchase link, when you link to Amazon.
  In the meantime, what I do, is search for the name of the movie on Amazon, and that will bring a list of both purchase and if available, rental/stream links.
  Thank you, won't you?