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For the past several years, my father has been writing and polishing his sci-fi comedy novel Tales of the Incorrigible: Flummox or Bust. He published it with CreateSpace last November with cover art by myself and AsbestosBill (Tristan of QuipTracks).

Soon afterwards, work began on an audiobook version with the extremely talented Michael T Bradley, the head of the riffing group Ice on Mars and a former member of these forums. Well, it's out now, and you can hear a sample of it HERE.

I personally recommend the book to any fan of Futurama, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or sci-fi and fun in general. I'm posting about it here because it seems right up this forum's alley. It's crammed with sci-fi references, and MST3K fans will find a major plot point especially entertaining. Here's the synopsis:

"It is so far into the future that Oprah's papacy is but a bizarre footnote in the history books. The invention of the Flitzdrive has shrunk the mind-numbing magnitude of the galaxy down to less than a year's travel from edge to edge. Thousands of sentient races that once didn't know each other existed now intermingle and irritate one another on a regular basis...

When the most notorious space pirate that ever lived disappeared for the final time, his ship was rumored to carry a plunder of legendary worth. So when the crew of the starship Incorrigible gain a clue to that ship's location, it begins a star-spanning quest battling the forces of nature, time, space, and society--not to mention nettlesome outbreaks of sex--to retrieve it.

  • EXPLORE! An eerie ghost planet overrun with rat-faced scab melons and purple lung pluckers!
  • EXPERIENCE! The scarred surface of Frag, crawling with creatures created with but one purpose: destruction!
  • MARVEL! At Vadnu, a planet consisting entirely of water from surface to core.
  • MOURN! Within walking distance of Amphora, the fabled city in a can!
  • INTRUDE UPON! A naked old man who holds the key to the treasure of a lifetime.

It is all waiting for you aboard the Incorrigible."

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Oh yeah, I never got around to reading that. I'll probably just check out the audiobook, since I can listen while I walk.

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Technically I'm still a current member of the forum; it's more like I'm a former head of Ice on Mars. Though ... there are things in the pipeline ... uhhh ... probably.
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