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Author Topic: Sisters of Death: Rank and Review!  (Read 1467 times)

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Sisters of Death: Rank and Review!
« on: April 27, 2014, 06:59:49 PM »
So, a Playboy Playmate and a former Mouseketeer go to a sorority reunion....

Sisters of Death is a fairly typical 1970s thriller movie only it completely fails at it.
A group of young-women are participating in an initiation ceremony for a secret society/sorority that involves the inductees to take part in a game of Russian Roulette.  Apparently it's just a ceremonial practice but something went wrong this time as for one of the women the gun fires, killing her.
Seven years later the women seem to have gone their own ways living their classy 1970s lifestyles.  There's the hippie girl, the girl hoping to marry rich, the kooky girl off her meds, the drifter girl and the... prostitute?
They're all invited by an anonymous party to a "reunion" for the sorority that involves them to meet at a hotel and have two strange men drive them into a ranch in the middle of nowhere in a Jeep Wagoneer with the windows covered.   Naturally, they go along with it.

Once there they're not greeted by their host but instead greeted by a pool, rooms with bathing suits in them, a locked-gate to the upstairs and lots of booze.  So, naturally, they stay.  Their two drivers crash the party hoping to get some groovy 1970s action when a perfectly normal-looking chain-link fence gate magically closes itself and becomes electrified. It even has a nifty warning light on it to tell us when it's active!  Because if you're a crazy man wanting to terrorize five women you're still concerned about people's safety.

Their host reveals himself the second day of their stay-over and says he's the father of the girl who was killed seven years ago and he intends to discover who was the girl that killed his daughter/loaded the gun with a live round.  He then goes up-stairs to make his own bullets.

Over the course of the rest of the movie the five girls and two men try and to find a way they the seven of them could *possibly* overpower their lone middle-aged enemy and instead resort to the usual tropes in movies of this type. (Not staying together, sleeping alone in their rooms as if everything is normal, they do try and to make an SOS sign from a modest banner and dig their way under the fence using a oil-funnel so that's *something* I guess. 

The movie does come up with *something* of a twist-ending that while pretty good and unexpected is ruined by the fact that it's unexpected because it pretty much contradicts everything we've seen up to this point.

The movie itself isn't too terrible, overall, as far as movies of this type and other victims of MST3K/Rifftrax/CT go, but it does have some measure of incompetence in it. (There's a couple of scenes where the boom-mike obviously dips into frame.  It does, at the very least, offer some decent eye-candy for viewers preferring the female form.   Those preferring men?  You may be out of luck.

The riffing in the movie provided by Mike, Kevin and Bill is probably some of their best work to date on a movie that's right up their alley.  They even manage to get through the movie without using some of their usual library of running gags (I don't recall a Nike Nolte joke/impersonation for example.)  The guys also make pretty good use and jokes about the "eye candy" in the movie, horror tropes and large stretches of the movie where characters pretty much do nothing but stand around and look bored, er, scared.

Probably a solid A or A- outing from me.  A movie that's actually not *too bad."  Probably not one that's exactly watchable without RT, but not completely unwatchable either, and some good jokes from the guys.

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Re: Sisters of Death: Rank and Review!
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2014, 12:49:54 PM »
Gave it a B+. The movie was pretty damn fun but the "look how stupid they are" jokes wore pretty quickly in the same way the "look how crazy she is for hanging out with Norma" jokes did for Psycho II.

I'm beginning to think slasher/thrillers are not Rifftrax's best genre.