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Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
« on: February 05, 2014, 01:12:58 PM »
Anyone here play?

Very cool sword and sorcery-type RPG.  Skyrim/Dark Souls fans may enjoy it.  It's VERY different from both those games, but the fan bases spill over.  With the exception of Dark Souls it's become my favorite game, even outdoing Skyim and Demon's Souls.

The character creation is the best I've ever seen, not just for your main character (called the Arisen), but it's just as detailed for your support character (your main pawn).  It makes the RP value just about unlimited, though it isn't like Skyrim where there are factions and whatnot, so the RPing has to come more from the imagination, which is a positive and a negative.  You can make a face (and body) more beautiful than you'd probably think possible in a game, or make a monstrous, hulking brute or teeny tiny elfish girl with a receding hairline and full-face warpaint, or a chubby, mustached and mulleted blonde guy called Rowsdower.  You can modify them as drastically and as often as you want (which is nice since there are limitless NG+s) once you've acquired the ability.

Much of the devs energy went into the combat, and the game really delivers there.
There are 3 basic vocations, 3 advanced vocations and 3 hybrid vocations.  The Arisen has access to all of them at a very early stage in the game; pawns do as well, though pawns cannot be hybrids.  It's a credit to the game that after all the time I've spent in it I'm playing as a basic vocation as often as not.  Each vocation has a distinctive combat feel, and each has its own level-up process (called Vocation Rank Increase) that is separate from overall leveling in the game.

You can hire up to 2 support pawns for your group.  These come from other players, and in turn other players can hire your pawn and send it back to you with a gift when they release it.

Visually the game is remarkable, and has burned more imagery into my mind than all other games combined.  The first time I fought a cyclops was memorable.  It took forever.  It was on the coast and as the sun went down I realized how dark it was getting so I stepped away to take out my lantern and looked back at the cyclops -- he was silouhetted by the red sunset on the sea behind him, part of his left side was on fire from a spell my pawn had cast, and another of my pawns was clinging to his weapon arm, trying to knock his club loose.  Quite the image.

I'm rambling, but check it out if you haven't.  By now it's pretty cheap.  If you get it, make sure it's the Dark Arisen version, which contains the complete original game, DLC and new content.