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« on: July 12, 2015, 09:30:43 PM »
This has become my latest obsession...particularly fun since I live in a major metropolitan (and thus portal rich) environment. For those who don't know, Ingress is a GPS game which you actually have to walk around in order to play (no, you don't have to walk around with your mobile device in your face - you just carry it around with you and take it out when you reach a portal.) This thing was invented by the same fellow who brought us Google Earth. It's been around for about two years now, and spawns gatherings called 'Anomalies' that look really fun. And the players are really friendly to newbies, which I have found not to always be the case with massive multiplayer games. Ingress is not like anything I have ever seen before - I am not a terrific gamer, but Ingress requires no manual coordination - and makes waiting at bus stops and taking morning strolls a lot more interesting than it used to be.
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