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Red Tails (2012)
« on: August 12, 2013, 04:12:22 PM »
I'm kind of shocked no one has brought this movie up here, I did a relatively thorough search to make sure.

First strike against it: It's directed by George Lucas post Star Wars Episode III. (Correction: he directed the reshoots, Anthony Hemingway was the director but he had some involvement)
Second strike: One of the trailers used dubstep. DUBSTEP. For a movie that's supposed to be about the Tuskegee airmen in World War II. Classy.
Third strike: The way it depicts the Tuskegee guys is so bad that one of the myriad 1 star reviews on IMDB is from an ex-Air Force officer who gives a lengthy description of what was incorrect.

It's about as terrible as Pearl Harbor in the case of being a disgrace to history, maybe even worse because of Lucas being involved.
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