Author Topic: Riffing file has sounds from the riff material - can this cause problems?  (Read 971 times)

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Hello guys

Recently I have done a riffing on a 46-minute long two-part episode with a friend via Skype.
Everything we said was recorded but unfortunately so was the sound from the two-parter we were riffing on.

I already know what to do: The parts where none of us talks can be simply cut out.
What about the parts we are talking though?
That's where I have the most questions:
a) Can it cause legal problems when you hear the sound in the riffing sound file?
b) If that was a problem: Can I avoid problems by uploading it on a site and set it on private instead of public?

Thank you in advance.


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Options! I beg your pardon if I am telling you things you already know.

You could painstakingly isolate the bits of sound from the riff with audio software.


You could both re-watch/riff it either muted with subtitles or routing the sound to an earbud that won't be picked up on your recording mic.

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Thank you for your answer. This is something we will definitely do during our next projects.

There are parts where we both paused, so this is easily edited out. I will also try my best with audio software.

I am more curious however about the legal issues. Will there be any if you can hear the original voice actors from time to time between our lines?
There wasn't music inbetween, just sound effects occasionally.
Or am I worrying too much here?

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I don't know if you'll have any issues legally, if for no other reason that you probably won't have any lawyers too concerned with background noise that faint.  I would suggest doing everything you can to remove it for quality reasons.  Having that background noise there as a back to your own voices, hearing it go in and out, and most likely having it slightly off sync with the movie as your customers watch it (even less than a second off) will strike your customers as very annoying and probably keep some of them from trying any future riffs.
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