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Informed ability.
« on: June 07, 2013, 02:18:30 PM »
Readers of TVTropes may be familiar with the trope "Informed Ability", and its sister trope "Informed Flaw".  The former refers to an author saying that a character has a great trait or ability but that ability is not displayed in the work.  The latter is the same thing but with a flaw.  Cool As Ice embodies both of these.

Informed Ability is a little more prominent.  Vanilla Ice's character is said to be incredibly cool and hip and awesome and whatnot.  You see this ability informed through the reactions of pretty much every character in the movie.  People gaze in awe as his gang rides down the street to the repair shop.  People gaze in awe at his dance moves at The Sugar Shack.  The little brother has some crazy man-crush on Vanilla Ice and can't stop looking in bewilderment about how cool he is.  In the meantime, he spends the entire movie acting like a complete dork, dressing like he's blind, and throwing quips so lame that only a professional writer could come up with anything that stupid.

Besides that, he is said to be a "nice guy" rescuing this girl from her "jerk boyfriend".  Except that what we really see is:

-- He insults the boyfriend the very first time he meets him.  I can't fathom doing something so immensely rude.
-- He runs the girl off the road and nearly kills her the first time he meets her.
-- He steals from the girl (somehow) on their first meeting.
-- He takes her around doing dangerous motorcycle stunts with no helmet on either of them.
-- He breaks into her room at night and crawls into her bed.

Did he even do one decent thing in this movie?  Okay so he listened to the tape, connected it with the clumsy foreshadowing from earlier, and pulled off a vigilante rescue of the kid.  Because calling the cops is out of the question for.... some reason.

Informed flaw comes into play in the boyfriend.  They try to set him up as a jerk, but fail miserably.  Okay he's got some flaws, yeah.  He's gonna drive the girl home drunk, which is a shitty thing to do, but still about as safe as those idiotic motorcycle stunts or running a girl off the road.  He's hot tempered, as shown in the scene where he trashes the one guy's motorcycle with a baseball bat.  Maybe eventually I can see this blooming into a shitty marriage with domestic abuse involved.  But within the context of this movie, he wasn't that bad a guy.