Author Topic: The plot holes are coming from inside the...oh you get it.  (Read 1374 times)

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The plot holes are coming from inside the...oh you get it.
« on: February 18, 2013, 07:58:32 AM »
So, MST3K/RiffTrax bad movies are never known for their great plots, but often it's because they don't have much of a plot.  But sometimes you get a movie like Stranger that actually tries to tell a compelling story.  Except that I'm not sure this story made any sense at all.  Some of my thoughts in bullet-form.  (just in case someone cares--full movie SPOILERS ahead)

 - Inside outside.  So, we are mostly told that the guy is getting inside and out of the house and just playing with the girl, Julia, at the beginning.  But how?  Okay, so the back door was unlocked for awhile but then she locked it.  And we find out later that there is only one guy.

 - So, what, he was inside the house the whole time and "throwing his voice"? --which is also one of the major twist ahas later in the movie-- except that everyone beyond the age of 12 KNOWS THAT'S NOT HOW VENTRILOQUISM WORKS!!  Ventriloquism is nothing more than being able to talk without moving ones lips, add in some visual miscues, and the throwing of the voice is all in the watchers heads.  If you can't see the guy doing the ventriloquism, HE CAN'T TRICK YOU.  It's just his voice coming from wherever you hear it. 

 - So, they skip five years ahead and never tell us what happened to the kids or the family or for that matter really Jill, beyond she's apparently maybe mostly better and in college.

 - They introduce the characters from the last movie, which is fine, this level of coincidence is allowed in movies, but,

 - By the third act the movie has shifted from the new girl to the original characters.  But why? Is this the guy from the first movie?  Why does he care about Jill?  How does he even know about her other than maybe listening to Julia talk to her on the phone?

 - The hospital scene is actually kind of creepy, but again, what point does it server.  What is this bad guy's end game? We never really find out.

 - So there's only one ventriloquist in all of [whatever city that was] and cop-guy tracks him down in a few hours?

 - The bar scene was utterly ridiculous.  So the guy is crazy, but also a working ventriloquist, but puts his craziness into his act and manages to get on stage with it?  And who the hell books a ventriloquist at a strip club in the first place?!

 - the final scene is also ridiculous--MK&B barely even need to make a joke other than to simply laugh out loud.  Even putting aside the time and effort it would take to fully disguise yourself like the killer does, again, ventriloquism doesn't work like magic!  If you can't see the guy, you can just hear him, and Jill would have just heard him talking to here from where he was standing, like TWO feet away.  Hell, at that distance you could probably sense his presence in the room, the way most people can.

 - And then we end, with both girls beaten but going to be okay.  Okay? Didn't the first girl Julie, get shot through the head in an apparent suicide?  So, all you need to recover from that is a couple days in bed?

 - And WHO WAS THE BAD GUY!?  Was he the same one as 5 years ago? Was he the same one as 25 years ago?  Why was he following Julia and apparently Jill specifically?

This movie barely goes from one scene to the next making any sense.  I would be interested to read the original script to see if it actually made sense, although my pain threshold isn't that high.

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Re: The plot holes are coming from inside the...oh you get it.
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2013, 09:47:13 PM »
Gah, yeah. This confused the frell muffins out of me.

When they kept referring to the previous attack, and how the children's disappeared, I thought we would find out in some plot twist that he was one of those children grown up and seeking revenge. When they brought up how Jill also had some kids she was babysitting killed, I though it would turn out this guy was a serial child-taker. Then they bring up how you'd need to be a great locksmith, not just a ventriloquist, I though it would turn out he had a locksmith accomplice or some sneaking-in-and-out of places powers, because his ability to infiltrate and move shit around would baffle Hank Pym.

Nope. No clear answers as to this improbable antagonists motives or methods.
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