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Well, figured I'd start this, since Edgewriter took the plunge previously, just to post up a thread to see if anyone else out there is working on anything.  I leave the floor open to anything...full length novels, novellas, fan stuff, whatever it is you want to dredge up...or, something you want to start working on again.

To start the ball rolling, I'm working on the second novella in a series I'm working on (the first is now in the hands of capable people who view editing in the same light that the IRS views a potential audit case; as in, a chance to cause devious pain and discomfort  ;)).  While I do have "real" novels and things I'm working on that I plan on submitting to publishing houses, these are intended to be quick, light reads for the sake of fun and enjoyment.  The basic idea?  Comedies starring Jack Alan, Private Detective, set in the 1930s and 40s, in which every case he starts working on turns into something off-the-wall and ridiculous.  In the first, he has to find out what happened to a missing rocket scientist, and the second deals with a murder at the Museum of Relatively Natural History (so-called because the exhibits are of dubious historical value and/or accuracy).

I'm hoping to have the first out on eBook to Amazon and B&N by the end of the month, if things all go well, and others to follow if I sell more than 10 copies.  Of course, I need to work on cover art in the meantime, and art was never one of my strong suits...and I've seen some bad covers on Amazon, believe you me.

Congrats, SJP!

When you have something available, let me know so I can pick it up!

I am currently working on the fourth book of The Bowl of Souls and hope to have it out by May.

Sugar Ray Dodge:
I'm starting my fourth novel ANY DAY NOW (you all know what that's like, right?) But in the meantime, I wanted y'all to know that my books are back in print and available on Amazon. You can also read them for free on GoodReads, just search for Sugar Ray Dodge and I'll pop right up. The first one (Happy Valley) is about a guy trying to make a horror film in Utah and things go terribly wrong and people start getting killed. The second (Son of Santa) is about the Son of Santa, only not lame like Arthur Christmas or Fred Claus. The third (The Tumbleweed Dossier) is about aliens abducting vampires. Ta-da!

Happy Valley:
Son of Santa:
The Tumbleweed Dossier:

You should put them up on Kindle for .99. They may not get a lot of downloads at first, but if you build up a fan base, you never know.

Sugar Ray Dodge:
They're available on the Kindle for $2.99. They should be connected to the paperbacks on Amazon in the next few days.


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