Author Topic: HAH! I wonder was this a subtle hint that someone was a huge Van Cleef fan or...  (Read 602 times)

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if its Pure Coincidence but remember Kevin's line as Tom Servo about Van Cleef in a pirate costume (and Crow/Trace responds "Never in Van Cleefs long career did he ONCE play a Pirate" and Tom goes "Yeah..... but it's always been a dream of mine."

Your dream was true even then Tom Servo muhaha. See Lee Van Cleef Wiki (granted - not the end all be all source of info lmao but still)

"He also had a small, uncredited role as one of the river pirates in 1962's How the West Was Won."


Now I wonder if someone was a huuuge fan of Cleef and used the mention as a clever "info-drop" so to speak or if it is just coincidental, either way I found it - at the very least, satisfying to know Lee Van Cleef has indeed dawned a pirate outfit even if it was for an short, albiet uncredited roll haha.

Haha - I don't know why but I think Master Ninja I & II are some of my favorite MST3K's of all time (I could never really narrow it down) - I really wish that they had done Master Ninja III - even in the next season (or later one - as they replaced it with Samson Vs The Vampire Women for Frank (big fan of Luchalibre movies, and I would suppose the wrestling too - not sure). Sure some may have forgotten a little of the plot - BUT WHAT PLOT lmao - all the plot points get thrown out the window when it awkwardly cuts to the next "episode" of The Master (lol Film Ventures International, you silly bastards).

I personally -  would like to see a new Riff with (I know this is probably NEVER gonna happen but I'd love to see the Master Ninja III) Lee Van Cleef or even just another Film Ventures International film - stuff is riffing gold. Hell I'd take any failed tv-show made to horribly edited made-for-tv-movie Riff - that's one area I MISS from the new projects (well that, Trashy Biker films - hell cats, sidehackers, the one about the race-car driver and those ones like Catalina Caper, Daddy O, Teenage Strangler, Kitten With A Whip etc etc - they all kinda group in my mind - dunno what to call those - 50s threw 80s teen-splotation maybe? If I added 90s I suppose Hobgoblins would fit the bill right in there)

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