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Long gone websites
« on: August 07, 2012, 09:49:49 PM »
a salute to your favorite long-gone websites.  (Is this thread-worthy?)
...was a huge DVD retailer of asian movies.  they had the best informational database on every asian movie or actor you can imagine:  godzilla, ultraman, stephen chow, john woo, shaw brothers, you name it.  All gone.  nothing like it on the internet before or since.  Sniff.  One of the best things I ever did was do an advanced search of asian comedies and look through the top 100.  thats how i discovered Stephen Chow and so much more.  Asian comedies are the best.  Asian dramas are incredible too.  COME BACK HKFLIX!!!!
...a very nasty liberal webzine.  Oh god I loved this one.  I used to sit there and hit refresh over and over like a mental patient hoping for an update.  "MWO published blog-like updates of news stories. Its best-known feature was the "Whore of the Week" item, which skewered a generally high-profile media figure for favorable coverage of Republicans or uncritical acceptance of right-wing talking points."  They got in a lot of trouble by directing their readers to viciously attack sellout news "whores" with emails.  I wrote many many nasty emails.  lol.  One guy from fox news kept writing me back and we got in a nice email flame war.  So great.  i'll try to recreate one of their classic bits:

                      Ann Coulter