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News Room HBO
« on: July 06, 2012, 12:43:41 AM »
You cant really thumbs up or thumbs down a series based on the first few episodes but I'm liking what i'm seeing so far.  The fast and furious dialogue and news business and all that is great.  Viva aron sorkin.

My main concern (as with all modern shows) are the male leads.  The male leads of every show these days seem to be nervous, self-effacing douches who just take a constant stream of shit from hatchet faced militant females.  They think its charming to underplay their masculinity by acting like pussies and buffoons but its really just embarrassing and disgraceful. 

Call me like prejudiced or whatever but i don't want to see breathy, metrosexual males debasing their masculinity.  I like my men butch.  Good role models like Mr Brady or Sherman T Potter.  Powerful, masculine, dignified, dignified, and dignified.  All shall respect hims.  The head guy in charge is pretty cool like that, Sam Waters.  He's good.

Oh and by the way if they happen to also be white they take all kinds of shit from minorities.  And if they happen to also be straight they take all kinds of shit from homosexuals. 

SICK of it. 

So please Aaron throw me a bone, so to speak.  Give me an old school strong male lead who doesnt sicken me by CONSTANTLY EATING SHIT.

Also, bring up genetically modified foods for one episode please.  I'm baffled why there's been a perennial news blackout on the subject.



episode 2...I didnt catch how Maggie blew the pre-interview with Glenn Fisher.  Why would he screw her over if she was cool enough to hide under his bed?  I saw it twice but still cant figure it out.

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Re: News Room HBO
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2012, 12:12:49 AM »
...well, that took a weird turn.

I think the show's great so far but I'm a big fan of Sorkin.
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