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Re: mrbasehart watches Dr Who.
« Reply #165 on: September 24, 2012, 05:52:41 PM »
The Three Doctors - Enormous fun as a black hole from another dimension opens up in space and threatens the Time Lords and the fabric of the universe.  Unable to send the Doctor additional help, they somehow send him the previous versions of himself to assist in destroying whoever is behind the attack.  Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee have some great interplay between them, and William Hartnell acting like the schoolmaster he always seems to have been.  I also loved the Brigadier's non-believing reaction to absolutely everything that was going on, and then his easy acceptance afterwards.  Great.

It's so much fun seeing the Doctors together at the same time, and it's Hartnell's last appearance as the Doctor.  "So these are the ones who will replace me: a dandy and a clown."

Carnival of Monsters - The Doctor and Jo get caught in a machine that has minaturised parts of a worlds for a kind of living slideshow.  They've got to break out before either the wildlife contained within kills them or the people watching do.  It's mostly played for laughs, but it's still quite good. 

It's pretty silly, but fun.  I love the boat with the FDR-type guy.

The Green Death - Jo! Nooooo! She falls in love with some hippy Welsh dude as they investigate an abandoned mine that apparently has some creepy wildlife in it, but it's actually all the plan of an insane, and actually pretty inept, super-computer.  It's again, pretty good, with some nice scenes between the Doctor and Jo, as she decides to leave him and go with her new boyfriend down the Amazon or whatever. 

I really like the Green Death.  Yeah, it's pretty silly, but the environmental message never feels cringe worthy (a bit silly, but it doesn't distract from the fun) and I thought the way Jo left the show was rather sweet and touches on the idea that in old Who, saying goodbye to the Doctor's companion is a final and bittersweet experience.  I love how the usually dynamic and attention-getting Doctor quietly exits.  I also think the main villain proves to be surprisingly fun in the end and surprisingly relevant.  Corporations are people, indeed.

See also, Hexus, the Living Corporation.

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Re: mrbasehart watches Dr Who.
« Reply #166 on: September 24, 2012, 08:00:01 PM »
Invasion of the Dinosaurs - Jesus.  If you're going to do something on this kind of scale, at least try and put some money into the effects budget.  Laughable throughout and kind of ruining almost everything else - except for a nifty subplot where Sarah Jane finds herself on a spaceship hundreds of years into the future...or does she?!?! - this has the Doctor staring up at, or running away from, the worst bloody dinosaurs I've seen on screen as they walk around the deserted streets of London.

Yeah, Invasion of the Puppets is NOT one of Pertwee's finest moments.  Even if you can get past the terrible special effects (and you can't - it's fucking impossible, even for a fan), what you have is an average UNIT story with a bit of added Season 11 preposterousnesss thrown in.  The only real twist is that Yates is one of the culprits.  Still, despite its ropiness, I kind of enjoy it.  But then, I also enjoy Season 17.

In any case, I've always thought of Sarah Jane as a Fourth Doctor companion more than anything else.
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Re: mrbasehart watches Dr Who.
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Okay, I've just gotten past the first arc of Baker's run.  Doctor transitions always feel traumatic, but watching Pertwee go, and in such a shitty, shitty way, was really affecting.  It'll take me some time to get used to Baker, though I say that about all of them.