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Re: What Projects / Tasks do you have going on / to do??
« Reply #795 on: April 22, 2020, 03:26:39 PM »
Doctors recommend not letting kids watch TV until they're 1.5 to 2 years old. We aimed for 2 but are hedging it a little earlier at 20 months. It's been incredibly frustrating guessing what he wants to watch. He has his favorites, but we can only put on Frozen so many times.

Took all day Sunday setting up a system (which took 15mins of thinking). I printed out a dozen of his favorite shows, taped them to cardboard cutouts, and "laminated" them with tape. It took all day, because I had to update our new laptop's OS so that it could accept the current Apple Pages which, itself, needed to be updated (gave up and used Google Sheets). And then I had to download the printer's drivers, getting around the expired certificate because they were so old, and installing the new ink cartridges in the machine. It was all worth it though, because now we have more control over what he chooses, and he gets the power of choice. It's made all our lives so much better. It still blows his little mind how picking up a cardboard can turn on the show he wants to watch.

Here he is holding tightly to his favorite morning show:

Still trying to figure out how he can "deposit" one as a way to "turn on" his show in a sort of "This is my final answer" kind of way. Thought maybe of making a ballot box or using one of his toy pails or something, but he really enjoys holding onto them. We're still working it all out. I'll have to show more pictures of our "system" later, but, for the most part it really works. Quite well, in fact.
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Re: Re: What Projects / Tasks do you have going on / to do??
« Reply #796 on: May 02, 2020, 02:36:43 PM »
It's amazing how 4 weekends worth of work can turn a yard from pretty crappy looking to pretty awesome. Not gonna impress anyone with landscaping, but after a lot of raking, having a tree service come and trim some wind damaged trees and grind a stump, removing some 30 year old barely living bushes, having a truck load of mulch delivered, and planting some seasonal flowers, I would no longer be embarassed to invite people over (if that were possible this year). Now sitting on the back portch drinking a homebrew on a bright sunny afternoon watching the dogs play.