Author Topic: List Of Crap#60 Countdown - Top Comedic Actors & Actresses (Possibly NSFW clips)  (Read 45448 times)

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Don Knotts didn't make it??! Bunch of young whippersnappers

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Don Knotts didn't make it??! Bunch of young whippersnappers

They must have seen Gus.  (Is that why Tim Conway isn't on the list?)

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I had Don Knotts on my list (hello, The Ghost & Mr. Chicken) but like Cole's list he was in the 20s.
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My list: I'm kicking myself for forgetting Guest, and I had Chaplin too high. I should have had Carol Burnett my list as well. But there was too many greats and only 25 slots to put them in.
1.   Buster Keaton - Bummed he didn't make it. The man was a comedy genius - a technical wizard on screen and behind the camera as well
2.   Bill Murray
3.   Peter Sellers
4.   Cary Grant
5.   Jack Lemmon
6.   Peter Cook
7.   Carol Lombard - I'm also bummed that the classic female comedic actresses failed to get any attention.
8.   Groucho Marks
9.   Parker Posey - The queen of the Indies, I loved her in Party Girl and as Jackie O in the strange "House of Yes"
10.   Charlie Chaplin
11.   Don Knotts
12.   Catherine O’Hara
13.   John Belushi
14.   Robert Downey Jr.
15.   Gene Wilder
16.   Jonathan Winters - A boyhood favorite. He was great in the criminally under appreciated "The Loved One"
17.   John Cleese
18.   John Candy
19.   Albert Brooks
20.   Bruce Campbell
21.   Michael Palin
22.   Kristen Wiig
23.   Rowan Atkinson
24.   Irene Dunne
25.   Harry Langdon

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Don Knotts didn't make it??! Bunch of young whippersnappers

Yeah I am pretty upset about that too.  The Andy Griffith show never recovered from his leaving if you ask me.
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