Author Topic: What have we learned (other than that mutants and zombies are the same thing)  (Read 2286 times)

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I learned when being attacked by a 100 zombies, run inside of a small building tiny corner.......

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If someone behind you starts making loud groaning/gurgling noises, just keep doing what you're doing and don't bother looking back there.

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I learned that if your brother goes missing and you have a sneaking suspicion something is wrong just go about your business nonchalantly and try to get laid.

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I learned that if you find a drunken man attempting to murder an out of towner with a broken bottle, that's NOT grounds for an arrest.

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I learned that T.J. Miller was a bit older back in 1984 than he is currently.  Wait a minute, that was Wings Hauser?

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I learned that somebody exposed to zombie goo who frequently complains of sickness will not turn into a zombie at the end, no matter how much it is telegraphed that he's going to be, because of ...reasons.

I learned that if your new girlfriend repeatedly pulls your arse out of the fire and becomes a valuable zombie-fighting asset, you should repeatedly insist that she stay by herself in a poorly defensible, exposed area.

I learned that heads of powerful chemical companies frequently pick up hitch-hikers to deliver cryptic warnings to them and dress and talk like Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel.
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