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The Lucifer Complex
« on: May 13, 2012, 06:51:48 PM »
This 1978 public domain movie wanted to be The Boys From Brazil, but was just an under financed vehicle for Robert Vaughn with, like, three scenes that had on-location sound. It's ADR, The movie. It's obvious the director had to patch together something just to get to 90 minutes. The movie doesn't even start until the 22 minute mark. Seriously, the first 22-25 minutes is just a guy in a volcano cave watching videos with pointless VO. He's watching videos (documentaries?) leading up to the end of the world. You know, stock footage. There's even a pointless song.
So, the world ends in the past (1986) due to Nazi Clones. Not clones of actual Nazis (although an 80 year old Hitler shows up), but of clones of foreigners the Nazis made to infiltrate the various world governments. They're doing it it to create a master race. (How is a mystery, but logic is not a strong suit in the movie.)
Keenan Wynn and Aldo Ray were also tricked into being in this movie. Maybe they were filming other movies and had the footage hijacked.
It's an onion of terrible. Check it out Riffers. (Although, admittedly, stock footage of genocide might be 'difficult riffing material.') No nudity or violence, so it fits in the PG13 range.
It's definitely one of those 'How did this get made?' movies.