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« on: March 05, 2012, 10:11:56 PM »
Greetings and thanks for joining the forum! Here are a set of guidelines we have enacted to allow for a more civilized discussion. Any failure to adhere by these set rules will result in probations - that is, bans ranging from 6-24 hours, depending on the offense. Repeatedly breaking the rules results in a banishment to The Corner of Babies. (Yes, we can put babies in a corner!)

  • No flamewars. Anyone who participates, whether they caused it or not, gets banned for 6-24 hours (depending on the severity of the flames).
  • No linking to illegal content - this includes pirated RiffTrax content.
  • No posting personally-identifiable information about other members.
  • Keep it civil. Name-calling in jest is fine, but ad hominems are a bannable offense.
  • No hate speech or slurs of a racist, homophobic or misogynist nature will be tolerated.
  • Please keep all posts work-safe. Any content deemed NSFW must be linked to with an [NSFW] tag, and spoilered/hidden. Offending posts will be removed and your account will be placed on probation.
  • No frivolous complaints to moderators. Doing so will also result in probation or a ban.
  • Stay on target. Please keep threads on topic; hijacking or other derailments of threads will have the offending posts removed and your account placed on probation.
  • Respect each other. We respect dissenting views, but refrain from ad hominem attacks. Keep the debate civil.
  • Respect the moderators and the people behind the scenes - this includes the writers, the website developers, even Frank, the guy who does our voiceovers. If a moderator asks you to stop trolling, heed their advice. And if you see something that breaks these rules, report it!

If someone is continually harassing you and nothing we do will get them to stop, you DO have the ability to ignore someone (under Profile, you can modify an "Ignore list") but this should be considered a last resort measure. If someone is annoying you, chances are, they're annoying someone else, and a banning may be in order. If you feel someone has crossed the line into this territory. ignore the user to avoid continued confrontation, then PM a moderator.

These are pretty standard rules, we think. Bottom line: don't be a jerk! Have fun!
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