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Visit Mystery Science Rater 3000

Come one!  Come all!  Come and rate that cheese-round of a movie you just watched!

At Mystery Science Rater 3000, everyone is a critic.  Rate you favorite Joels, your favorite Mikes, and even that Mr. B Whatever short that everyone always talks about!  New to MST3K and looking for a new episode to watch?  Use our incredible "Top 25 MST3K Episode List"!

Register using just your email address and a password.  Click a link in that email and you're finished!  HmmmmHHMMM!!! THAT'S GOOD SPEED!

And most of all!  It's ran by someone who's just a guy who wanted to organize the MST3K episodes.  Armed with a powerful five-star list, getting into MST3K has never been so easy!  You won't be saying "Eegah!", you'll be saying "Eegregious!" So give it a whirl!