Author Topic: New Short Sailing a Toy Boat Now Available!  (Read 4077 times)

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New Short Sailing a Toy Boat Now Available!
« on: February 29, 2012, 10:02:36 AM »

Why would you want to go outside and sail a toy boat when you could sit in a classroom and watch a film about other kids sailing a toy boat? The existence of Sailing a Toy Boat asserts that you wouldn’t, of course, you dolt. This short must have inspired lots of discussion questions from the students who watched it, such as “are we going to sail  toy boats now?” and “where are the toy boats?” followed by some statements, like “the film didn’t even tell us how to MAKE toy boats” and “I honestly would rather have learned some math because now I’m just sad I don’t have a toy boat” and finally, “let’s push teacher in the lake and see if she floats!” Look, it was just a more violent time, okay?

Complete with a male dog named Penny and a father who ignores his children while narrating the film with his mind (no, really) be sure to join Mike, Bill and Kevin for Sailing a Toy Boat, the full-throttle prequel to Battleship!