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Let's Put on a Show Game 2: Monty Python Biopic
« on: February 25, 2012, 05:44:46 PM »
I was going to bring back an old thread, but now  can't change the name (how did Dalty get credit for starting that thread)?  Anyway, for those who don't remember (re: all) the premise of the game is to cast a movie and name the writers and directors and such for a movie.  In this case, if there was a Monty Python Biopic, who would you cast?  Who should direct?  Now keep in mind, rather than just one person listing everyone, what happens is it's casting by committee: you name one person per turn/post, then another person can name one.  You can name more than one, but not consecutively.  Once a role is filled, it can't be changed, so this is the non-existent movie we're stuck with.  Make sense (sorry if it doesn't, I'm not the best communicator)?

So here are the roles:

Untitled Monty Python Biopic (You can also use one turn to come up with a movie title)
Written by __________________________
Directed by _________________________

________________ As Graham Chapman
________________ As John Cleese
________________ As Terry Gilliam
________________ As Eric Idle
________________ As Terry Jones
________________ As Michael Palin