Author Topic: Quiptracks Remodel-a-Thon 2011: Remodeling John Malkovich.  (Read 1972 times)

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Quiptracks Remodel-a-Thon 2011: Remodeling John Malkovich.
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:14:24 AM »
Chances are, you're unfamiliar with the annual QuipTracks remodel-a-thon, so I'll explain. You see, when you work in a big building like we do at QuipTracks, you can really get sick of the place over the course of a year. That's why we remodel one room every day of December up until Christmas, adding useful rooms such as the Inadequate Fedora Sanctuary, the Celery Sellery, or Ty Pennington's Special Project . It's kind of like an advent calendar, but entertaining!

Those who followed our adventure last year know that we discovered a door that transports you directly into John Malkovich's Spleen, and it was there we took refuge when the core of the building stopped spinning and the building was destroyed. And so we were stranded there, but the 2011 Remodel-a-Thon must go on! With nothing else to remodel, we've been remodeling John Malkovich as we search for an escape route.

Here is the first post of this year's Remodel-a-Thon. We hope you check back every day until Christmas!