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« Reply #60 on: September 25, 2017, 11:36:35 AM »
Well to me Star Trek is about ethical and moral dilemmas. So far i cant see this show doing that anytime soon. Frankly at this point i just want Star Trek to die. I thinks its been dead for a long time. But Paramont and CBS keep on playing "Weekend at Bernies". Going place to place trying convince everybody its alive. or Maybe is like a old suffering cow that they keep alive to get every last drop of milk they can. The only reason they made this TV show was because Star Trek Beyond didn't do that well. If this flops, i hope they put an end to it.  At least until someone who actually care about it decide to revive it. Between the 5 TV Shows. It think we need more than enough Star Trek.
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I actually think this is true for a lot of franchises.  The new Star Wars movies are totally unnecessary.

I watched about the first 30 minutes of the first episode. Visually it was nice, but I found it very dark (like hard to see dark, not tonally dark).  I also didn't really understand why the senior officers were doing so much shit-talking on the bridge. Seemed unproductive, but maybe that's just how Georgiou ran her ship? I dunno.

I still don't like the designs very much.  I hate the Klingon design.

I was interested in the first part, but I don't know how interested I am in actually finishing the episodes. 

Basically I didn't hate it (which surprised me) but I didn't think it felt very much like Star Trek.

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I couldn't make it through that trailer.  The ceaseless string of "wise" sayings drove me away.  I hate when someone thinks that just having a sentence with two clauses that contradict each other makes that sentence deep.  "Sometimes the coldest things are actually quite hot."  "In order to move forward, you must take a step back."   Blech.
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