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This is a game of "would you rather", but I think you'll find it different than other games of would you rather.  First of all, DON'T immediately answer the question.  This is a classic would you rather blunder.  First you will be presented with to scenarios.  Then questions can be asked of either scenario.  After 10 questions, the floor will be closed and you can vote on your choice and may feel free to give an explanation.  A winner will then be chosen.  There is a good chance that this is arbitrary.  I will act as host for the first two rounds until other players can get into the groove of it.

Some of you may note that YES, I am using the rules established on Comedy Bang Bang (previously Comedy Death Ray).  To get an idea, here are a few rounds to give you an idea of how to ask questions and how scenarios might evolve, even though they are clearly set in stone, decided aeons ago
by a group of mystics.

Would you rather:

Watch an episode of Jay Leno where the guest preformed is Nickelback


Be the king of a city of robot slaves?

The floor is open to questions NOW:
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