Author Topic: If you could bring back MST3K, what would you do?  (Read 523 times)

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If you could bring back MST3K, what would you do?
« on: August 27, 2011, 05:00:47 PM »
Maybe this is the wrong place to post this. It's more of a dicussion, I'm not asking if it's possible. This is just some fan ideas I came up with.

I probably wouldn't renew it as a TV series. Too many rights issues. I'd release a series of reunion movies. Taking place years after the final episode and the 1996 movie, with public domain Sci-Fi/Horror titles.

Not sure of a title yet, just say MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000: THE SEQUEL for now.

Storyline for the actual Sequel, I'd have it where Joel, Mike, and the bots awaken on the SOL. Wondering how they're back, they discover Pearl, Bobo, and Brain Guy also found themselves back in Pearl's old castle, trying to contact the SOL and find out what happened. Characters would return along the way maybe, like TV's Frank. Joel and Mike and the bots could both go into the theatre, or maybe take turns through two Shorts, then unite for a short movie. Same with Bill and Trace voicing Crow. Change his voice adapter ever so often. But I think I'd stick with Kevin voicing Servo.

Basically the big twist at the end with be Josh's character Dr. Laurence Erhardt has returned and kidnapped the whole crew. And its revealed he is cloning Dr. Clayton Forrester. The expermenting will start up again basically.

Some of these ideas I've had for a while, but never did anything. Thought of creating my own Riffing Movie, like an internet video or something. Maybe set in a Drive-In, sort of MST3K meets Nostalgia Critic, hosted by a pilot chimpanzee. 8)
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