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How to make a Blu-Ray version
« on: June 13, 2011, 06:10:24 AM »
I have the double feature Blu-Ray Galaxina/The Crater Lake Monster and decided to make a widescreen version of the riff. Here are the steps:

1) Use MakeMKV to create a .mkv file of The Crater Lake Monster. (The soundtrack was messed up by this but it doesn't matter in the end.)
2) Use Handbrake to create an mp4 of The Crater Lake Monster
3) Use Audacity to import the soundtrack from the .mpg file downloaded from RiffTrax,com
4) Use Audacity to add 12 seconds of silence to the beginning of the RiffTrax soundtrack
5) Use Audacity to trim silence from the end so the overall length is the same as the Blu-Ray 1:23:49:99
6) Save the edited soundtrack as an AIFF
7) Use XLD to convert the AIFF to an MP4-AAC file
8) Used Subler to delete the original soundtrack (which, for me, was bad anyway) and insert the AAC RiffTrax audio
9) Save and optimize the movie file in Subler.

Everything seems to sync up pretty well for the entirety of the movie. You might be able to adjust the silence inserted at the beginning a couple hundred milliseconds to get better lip sync, but I didn't  bother to mess with it once I was pretty close.