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Organ Trail
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The pioneers had it rough traveling the Oregon Trail, but they didn't  have to contend with flesh-eating zombies. Can you survive the hazards  of the Organ Trail, make it to Portland, and escape the zombie apocalypse?        An undead take on the classic edutainment game, Organ Trail  kicks off in DC at the start of the zombie apocalypse. You and your  cohorts have to scavenge supplies, make it out of the city, and drive  for Oregon. Of course, the real dangers start once you hit the road.
 Playing Organ Trail will be familiar to anyone who played Oregon Trail  in school (be sure to check out the roadside tombstones). But instead of hunting buffalo, you hunt zombies while scavenging for supplies.  Instead of catching dysentery, your refugees contract the G-virus. And  instead of fording the Mississippi, you have to ford the occasional  zombie horde.

Organ Trail [The Men Who Wear Many Hats via Metafilter]
Source: io9

The first image is from yours truly.
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Re: Organ Trail
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I'll be honest, I don't know whether to cheer or groan.