Author Topic: To my shock, I ended up loving this movie on its own merits  (Read 2404 times)

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To my shock, I ended up loving this movie on its own merits
« on: November 18, 2010, 02:50:22 AM »
I heard it was more actiony than the original and expected Will Smith striding through times square with a stake in each hand offing vampires left right and center while quipping, but instead the action all makes perfect sense and is well done, with Neville missing about a thousand times in one place, pretty realistic and nothing overdone about it aside from the zombievamps being a little more juiced than is believable.

I'd even say it's better than the original with Vincent Price. Some people complained it departed too much, but basically they spliced the better parts of Omega Man into the mix. Smith is a good actor who is usually in kind of dumb movies but I was surprised to see he can act with the very best of them and he made the pain and isolation quite real. The only disappointment was there was no dialog at all with the afflicted as there was in both the originals it draws on, which is a part that made it extra creepy, and of course the realization they view him with the horror he viewed them and then his death was awesome for vincent price's neville, but the omega man style ending is done well.