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Re: Terry Goodkind
« Reply #30 on: November 17, 2010, 01:10:49 AM »
If anyone, even a little girl, was holding a torture stick to my chest and I'm about to pass out...you bet your ass I'll back hand the little shit and feel pretty good about it too.

I've actually been re-reading this series recently again and I made it to Chainfire when I had to stop for a while, again.  Chainfire is just a brickwall in the series and just seems like its beating you over the head with such a simple thing that happens in the story.  Did that really take 400 pages to explain?

After reading Naked Empire again its so cool how the post above me sounds exactly like the Bandakar who believe that killing is always wrong.  Even when an enemy is coming at you and killing you, it is wrong to kill back to defend yourself because killing is wrong.  There's no thought, just, killing is wrong.  The end.  Kind of like claiming backhanding a young girl is always wrong.  The end.  So there's NEVER a circumstance where its justified?  Ever?  Really?

Well Goodkind has already been called manipulative, evil, selfish, a supporter of genocide...shouldn't be too surprising he also falls victim to Godwin's law too.  I wish you dissenters could take a step back and just realize how silly you all sound.  I mean if you don't like the series fine but for fucks sake people.

No one said that killing is always wrong, what's wrong is when it's unnecessary and especially pointless. Sending rape squads into enemy territory is also completely pointless, yet something he does. If there was some situation where rape could save the world it might make some sense but it's just not reality. The message he sends out is anyone who stands in the way of 'right' should be completely obliterated without thought even if it is not helpful and even if they do nothing wrong themselves. After hearing his comments outside the book it paints the mother confessor in another light. That's not some disturbing but necessary act but how he feels people should be treated, reprogrammed like robots, protestors cut down just because they dissent. It's about as messed up as something could be.


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Re: Terry Goodkind
« Reply #31 on: November 17, 2010, 01:58:14 AM »
Who told you this?  Rape squads?  What the hell version of the books have you been reading?  Did you just read some angry blog or online review post and that's where all your knowledge on this has come from?

Closest I can get to that is in Stone of Tears
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I suppose that technically qualifies as a "mind rape".  If I'm out there in Iraq or something and a bunch of skeletons and weird shit pops out and starts running at me I'd probably flinch and hesitate too.


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Re: Terry Goodkind
« Reply #32 on: November 17, 2010, 03:16:54 AM »
Sorry I keep popping up but this is probably my favorite thread ever.  I don't mean that mockingly, just intellectually.

The claims being made between this and the "evil authors" thread have all been the exact opposite that is expressed countless times at various points in the series.

This whole claim about him seeing things as absolute and wanting to kill you because its "my way or the highway, pal" is so bass ackwards its not even funny.  How many times did you read the words "people just want to be left alone" or "to live as they wish".  Isn't that the entire duty of the Mother Confessor?  To ensure the little people without representation are left to live as they please?  Richard is the Lord Raul yet until the very last line in the book does he ever issue a command to his people.
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