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I posted a link to this in another thread. But thought it might be appropriate here too...

I used to have a list like this on my old RiffTrax fan site. Anyway, I thought I'd throw it back up for quick/easy reference to RiffTrax titles. I personaly use this for a quick reference to catalog my DVD reauthors. For now I just have the Regular Feature Rifftrax and the RiffTrax Presents. In the future I will add links to my RiffTrax DVD covers. (yes I still make them):

Click here for the list

This is brilliant! This answers so many questions I had about some of the traxs.  Thanks so much for posting.

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--- Quote from: Andre on June 14, 2014, 04:03:34 AM ---SHORTS!

This is the complete list in order of release date, as of today, 2014-06-14:

038 - Rifftrax Short - You And Your Family
039 - Rifftrax Short - Primary Safety In The School Building
041 - Rifftrax Short - Damaged Goods
042 - Rifftrax Short - Cooking Terms

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You don't have a #40.  Other than that your list is good.

Good list! :clap:


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