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All hail Mr. Moto!
« on: September 14, 2010, 11:00:32 AM »

Without knowing who Mr. Moto* is, you're probably slightly confused about why you would want to watch him take a walk.  "I can watch Mr. Jensen, the bald guy four doors down, take a walk anytime I feel like it," you say. Yes, we all know Mr. Jensen.  He carries a miniature baseball bat and the neighborhood kids (mostly Bobby) started a rumor that he uses it to hit dogs with.

While the holes in Bobby's story are numerous (Why a miniature bat Bobby?), there is one thing that is indisputable.  Watching Mr. Moto take a walk is far more entertaining than Mr. Jensen.  For starters, Mr. Moto takes a walk through the zoo.  So right off the bat, you're seeing some crazy stuff.  Second, a somewhat attractive lady accompanies Mr. Moto on his walk.  Those of you who have seen Mrs. Jensen are now strongly in the Moto camp.  But finally, sealing the deal firmly in favor of Mr. Moto is this: Mr. Moto is a monkey. On his walk, Mr. Moto (who is a monkey) undertakes the demented quest of traversing the entire alphabet, from A to Z, seeing one animal for each letter.  Why he has chosen to spend his day this way is a mystery, especially seeing as he is a monkey. But it's an action packed journey full of mischief and exotic animals.  And did we mention that he is a monkey?

Mike, Kevin and Bill just like monkeys, is all.

*This short is unrelated to the series of films starring Peter Lorre as a character also named Mr. Moto.  There are no references to said films in this short because we are not 94 years old.

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Re: All hail Mr. Moto!
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2010, 09:26:08 PM »
yay! it finally got it's own thread but now I forgot the lines after all this time :(