Author Topic: Discography anomalies: Rock 'n roll George Lazenbies (& Star Trek V's)?  (Read 550 times)

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By "rock and roll George Lazenby", I mean obscure members of long-running bands who have only appeared on one album. Some examples:

Yes - Drama (Trevor Horn replaced Jon Anderson, only for Anderson to take over on 90125)
Van Halen - III (Gary Cherone from Extreme was hyped up as the 3rd VH vocalist, then disappeared after this bomb)
Genesis - Calling All Stations (post-Collins, didn't fare so well)
Rush - S/T debut (featuring original drummer John Rutsey, before Neil Peart took over for Fly By Night)

What are some other discography anomalies like this you can think of? Doesn't just have to be band members. Just albums that somehow stick out like a sore thumb amongst the rest of a band's discography. Another Yes example would be Tormato (not least for its universally despised cover artwork). What other albums can you think of that would be considered "the Star Trek V's of rock and roll"?