Author Topic: Which actor directed the worst films: Leonard Nimoy or Sidney Poitier?  (Read 698 times)

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Let's have a debate.

Which actor directed the worst films: Nimoy or Poitier? Both are great, admired actors and icons, but their films are awful!

Nimoy began with "Star Trek III", which was solid (I thought) and "Star Trek IV" which was a popular smash. Next, "Three Men and a Baby" a remake that was the highest grossing film of 1987.

Next came "The Good Mother", a drama that got mixed reviews and flopped. Then, "Funny About Love", an awful film that flopped. And last, "Holy Matrimony", which is so inconsequential and forgotten it may technically no longer exist.

Nimoy proved he could direct several genres, furthering his crusade against typecasting and perception, but ultimately made increasingly lousier films, almost by rote. One failure, so he returns to comedy and strikes out twice and calls it quit. Not particularly inspiring.

Poitier, a historical figure, directed several modest films in the 70s. Some popular, like "Uptown Saturday Night" and "Buck and the Preacher." All solid. Then, he had the comedy hit of 1980 with "Stir Crazy." $100 million!

He followed it up with another Gene Wilder comedy, the awful action romp "Hanky Panky" (originally titled 'Traces'), which bombed. Then, "Fast Forward," which isn't even on DVD. And last, "Ghost Dad," the second most hated film of Bill Cosby's oeveure. Its usual response is "The great Sidney Poitier directed THAT?!"

Anyway, both great actors, both with directorial careers in the 80s that faltered, petering out into mediocrity and ending ingloriously. Both resumed being great actors and icons, the way we love them.

But which was the worst director? (I'd also like to hear other nominations).

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I think the answer is that they're both good directors who got saddled with lousy scripts by the studio (or the actors involved - Ghost Dad) because the assumption was that they were good enough to make them work.

Or they thought their names on the projects would put butts in the seats.

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They were both working for hire, no doubt. The scripts were bad. That's obvious. And I'm sure their film's producers wanted this and that.

But ultimately theirs was the vision that was supposed to guide these films. That's why they were hired in the first place, because they had made some of the highest grossing, most popular comedies of the decade.

I was just curious which actor could be perceived as the worst director? Or is it just easier just to blindly trash Michael Bay, M. Night Shyamalan and Uwe Boll?

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I haven't seen more than more than one movie directed by of them but just because they're considered great actors certainly doesn't mean they're even average directors.

Or is it just easier just to blindly trash Michael Bay, M. Night Shyamalan and Uwe Boll?


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